Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020


This is going to be a fantastic week for your relationship equations and romance as well! You will remain in a jovial mood, all set out to enjoy with your friends and family! Finally, the moment married couples had been waiting for, will arrive! They will be blessed with a beautiful child this week! The initial days of the week are going to be very romantic and special for you and your spouse. Do not spoil the atmosphere by entering into futile arguments with your partner just to prove a point! Young children often exhibit stubbornness. Parents should try and co-operate with them as much as possible.


For students, this is going to be the best week to achieve practical knowledge and field experience. Attaining knowledge from books is good, but practical hands on experience is always invaluable! Students may consider joining some creative courses during this week. Students pursuing technical fields of study will be required to work exceptionally hard. There is also a possibility of students getting confused choosing their subjects for higher studies. Teachers and mentors can guide them to choose an appropriate subject. Retaining a positive mental attitude will be of paramount importance. Remember, there are no shortcuts to succeed. Hard work is the only key!


Your health will remain in perfect condition during this week, both, physically as well as mentally. People suffering from asthma should take additional care. As far as possible, they should avoid going out in crowded or polluted places. Exercising every day will certainly help you to remain active and fit. Aged family members will require extra care and nurture during this period. We recommend that you adhere to a strict diet during this time. If possible, avoid eating junk food completely. Spicy delicacies and heavy late night dinners are not for you during this week. Taking care of your health should be your top priority.


This week does not seem to be very bright with matters pertaining to your finance and money. You will be negatively occupied in trying to find out various ways in which you can earn money fast. We strongly recommend that you refrain from adopting any unethical practices of earning a quick buck. You may be successful in recovering money that you had lent somebody a long time back. You may need to travel long distances to obtain finance for a new project you have been thinking of launching during this week. You may incur a substantial amount of expense towards family function.


This week is going to start off positively! You must keep your sleeves rolled high and be absolutely prepared to meet extra workload and difficult challenges! Be anxious to meet such challenges head on! Salaried employees will certainly be rewarded if they exhibit diligence and are prepared to walk that extra mile to achieve their goals and targets! It will certainly not be an easy job to meet your targets, but nothing is impossible if you work hard! Businessmen dealing in real estate will be successful during this week. You may be slightly uncomfortable with the sudden change in your working environment.

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