Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020



It will be very crucial for you to stop arguing with people you love. You don’t always need to prove a point. It will be natural for your partner to get upset since you do not devote enough time for your relationship due to your busy schedule. Give enough space to your partner and make them understand your situation. Where there is love, there should be no space for any ego! Refrain from using harsh language. It will not only hurt your partner, but it will also end up ruining your relationship. There is a distinct possibility of meeting old school friends or colleagues through social media!


Students pursuing chartered accountancy and engineering courses will need to work very hard to obtain desired results. It will be beneficial to complete your assignments and projects in a group, rather than doing it solo. Group discussions will help you to memorize your syllabus more easily and will sharpen your mental skills. Students intending to go abroad for pursuing higher education will succeed during this week. They can begin the required formalities. Students can consider joining some creative courses during this period. Books certainly give an immense amount of knowledge, but practical experience and exposure will help you widen the horizons of your knowledge.


It will be very important for you to understand that your thoughts will decide the status of your physical condition during this week. Your physical health will directly depend upon your mental status. Avoid anxiety at all costs! Regulate your work, sleep and exercise cycle. It is always a good idea to get routine check-ups done. Diabetes patients should keep a regular tab over their blood sugar levels. There is also a distinct possibility of developing some kind of skin disorder during this week. Consult your dermatologist immediately if you notice any discomforts or abnormalities on your skin such as hives, rashes, redness, irritation or discoloration.


You will need to be extremely cautious while dealing with matters of finance and money during this week. Never sign a document without properly reading it first. As a matter of fact, you should even sign cheques after proper contemplation. Try to focus upon saving your money as much as possible during this period. We say so because there is a strong probability of incurring unexpected expenses during this time. This week is not very favourable for considering new investments. Those dealing in the stock markets should have a very watchful eye over the developments. You will be very relieved to receive unexpected finances!


Salaried employees may be presented with several lucrative job offers. We recommend that you do not change your job during this week. Be patient and wait for more favourable time. A new working environment with additional responsibilities will make salaried employees upset and stressed out. Target oriented work or incentive based assignments will prove to be more financially profitable for salaried employees during this time. Government employees who have been waiting for a transfer to a place of their liking will get good news during this week. Businessmen associated with trading in the stock market will succeed during this period. All in all, a great week!

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