Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June, 2020


You will need to be considerate and affectionate with your siblings. Even when there are arguments, try to put your point across in a gentle manner. You must also be very careful with the words you use with your partner, especially when you are in a new relationship. Giving a surprise gift to your beloved will be a great gesture! Similarly, there is also a possibility of you receiving a gift from your partner. Whenever you are with your partner, try to recollect old and beautiful memories together. Doing so will certainly add a lot of charm to your relationship and will bring both of you even closer!


There is a very bright possibility of students winning any academic competitions that they participate in, during this week. The time maybe slightly harder for students pursuing architecture or designing courses. Students who have been preparing for Government jobs will need to work very hard. Students who have been awaiting to avail a scholarship will succeed during this period. There is a distinct possibility of students getting confused while selecting their subjects for higher studies. In such a situation, we recommend that students take the advice of their teachers and mentors, who will be able to guide them best. Occasional meditation will certainly reduce stress.


It will be extremely crucial for you to take care of both, your mental as well as physical fitness. Try and pursue hobbies that you were interested in the past. This will help you keep mentally de-stressed. You should be very careful while travelling. Expecting mothers should avoid travelling as far as possible. Too much of physical stress may cause issues such as blood pressure. Always keep yourself adequately hydrated. Consume plenty of fresh fruit juices. You may also be troubled by ailments that you had been suffering from in the past. It will be of paramount importance to take your medications on time.


You will need to be very careful during the initial two days of the week with matters pertaining to your finance and money. As far as possible, do not lend money to anybody, even if they are well known. There is a distinct possibility of your money being stuck. Partnership ventures will prove to be very profitable during this week. You may invest a substantial amount of money for buying real estate as an investment. Try to reduce your unwanted expenses to stay secure financially. You will be presented with new opportunities to earn money. This week is very favourable for starting a new venture.


Salaried employees may not be entirely satisfied with the behaviour and attitude of their seniors at work. Joining a professional course for up-gradation of your skills will be beneficial in the near future. Insurance agents will be able to achieve their desired targets. It will not be impossible for anyone to meet their targets during this week, provided they work hard and persevere. Try to retain a positively enthusiastic attitude at workplace. Such a calm demeanour will not only keep you stress free, but will also help others to feel comfortable around you. All in all, this is a very progressive week for your career and business.

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