Saffron Philip Ben – A Young Digital Entrepreneur

Saffron Philip Ben (@Possible_Philly) on Instagram started his career, working with the famous celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kendal Jenner, and Soulja Boy. He is known for the being one of best social media entrepreneurs out in the market since past 6 years. Saffron Phillip is also the CEO of Possible Network which is the biggest social media company in Los Angeles, California. Saffron Philip has an Estimated Net worth of over 30 Million dollars that he has made since his entrance into the corporate market of Social Media. He is the Co-Founder of the IOS & Android Game (Fighting Soulja – Draco Edition) which has over 1Million users throughout the world.

One of the biggest success stories of Saffron Philip Ben (@possible_philly) on Instagram was the clothing brand he launched named Possible Heaven. This was @possible_philly’s new idea to start the trend of all kinds of clothing styles for the young generation all over the world. The sales were skyrocket due to the new trend coming up in the market that was advertised by the biggest celebrities like Justine Bieber and Kylie Jenner). Saffron Philip Ben’s vision for his brands was that Possible Network & Possible Heaven is a brand that seeks to create comfortable clothing that inspires the confidence that anything is possible while being worn.

In addition to that, Saffron Philip Ben has launched his new brand Modelling named Possible Angels, where he and his team are on road to take over the Instagram network of models and give them a critical competition. Their estimated worth of the modelling agency is worth 1.5 Million dollars already since the creation of the company before 2 months. Saffron Philip Ben is a true hustler and a genuine Entrepreneur. He has also been of the worlds biggest magazines like Forbes for achieving milestones throughout his career and becoming one of the best examples out there for people who are struggling to stand up on their feet. He has managed the world most known artist in HIP-HOP industry named Soulja Boy. Yes, without Saffron Phillip Ben’s support and guidance Soulja Boy would have been on the streets like a broke individual, but thanks to Saffron Philip who has helped him rise through his hardships and miserable conditions to help him grow into the man he is today on internet with 7.5 Million Followers on Instagram.

Saffron Philip Ben (@possible_philip) on Instagram is a very well-known public figure and is a very kind and humble Businessman on social media today. He follows very strict rules and ethics in his business day to day life which has led him to get to where he is today. We all should take considerations of such personnel around us and take our time and effort to follow the path like Saffron Philip Ben (@possible_philip) on Instagram. He firmly believes in only one thing, “Anything Is Possible”.

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