Responsive Behaviour in Leadership

Eventually, habits are just a testimony, really. With that, this feature begins.

Yes, we have a variety of choices to have in life as our path is our own. I mean, it is our choice if we choose to stay intoxicated and habitually do the bad and letting the bad happen or doing the good and achieving your dream.

When the truth is spoken about, sometimes even the best of us and particularly the worst of us think that things are out of our control. Sometimes, I think of truth like the grooves of a compact disc, wax record, or tape recording as I am sure that many do, only the habit models and “trenches” are more complex and perpetual, and there is more of choice in outcome also.

So, I can honestly say: If it is good, it is our virtue. If it is bad, it is our fault.

It starts with action and ends with a habit however you want to put it. If it is bad, like alcohol or cigarettes, it is called a negative addiction. If it is good, like running, cleanliness, or something profitable, it is called a positive cycle. My point is, it all starts with behavior without question and ends with a habit, good or bad.

Now, chance has its place, but the habit is the main thing that causes the rest of it to work or not work in its entirety whatever the plans eventually. Sure, things may not go precisely to plan, but the total workings of something depend on the attitude it is done with. You may or may not agree with me here, but you have to admit, behavior and habit have something to do with everything we do, accomplish, or have or the lack of it.

So, I would like to end this way: Responsive behavior is always positive, particularly when you genuinely understand what is going on and how to act accordingly in the situation and beyond it. The only time when it is negative is when we are receptive to the wrong things as stated above, but when we take in the right things and take them to heart as habits, that is when receptiveness is the best. After all, good habits are more comfortable in the longest run than bad habits, although bad habits may look easier in an adverse “quickly power grabbing” way sometimes. Good habits give you life, bad habits ruin it for good.

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