Removing Eyelash Extensions At Home Like A Pro


It is essential for the health of your natural lashes that you remove eyelashes extensions correctly.  Which means no pulling them out.  Pulling your lashes out may leave your eyes feeling dry, sore, and uncomfortable.  At home, some lash extension removers are powerful and will help to remove your lash extensions gently.  You may try DIY techniques like coconut oil, baby oil, or Vaseline by applying cotton wool and wiping throughout your lashes to loosen eyelashes extensions gently.  But, remember they are not specially formulated for the delicate eye area, so it may irritate while applying.

So, while we are all being accountable and remaining at home, you can make ensure that your eyelashes are going to be in a pristine state for the next salon visit.

Why So much Care necessary when Removing Eyelashes Extensions.

Lash extensions must be removed carefully to prevent damaging your natural eyelashes.  Most lash extensions will last up to 2 months, although they will frequently need infills and maintenance every three weeks.  The most important principle is that never pull Lash extensions off.  Pulling at each eyelash will remove it permanently, which is particularly harmful if the lash remains from the anagen stage.  You might be waiting up to a month or so for eyelashes re-growth.

Eyelashes Extensions Fredericton points out when lash extensions have been pulled out, you can hurt the natural lash as well as the hair follicle, resulting in an abnormal re-growth, which might end up with the lashes point in the wrong direction and scratching the cornea the front eye surface.  The lashes hair follicles might even become damaged to the point at which they do not grow back at all after the damage.  

Fredericton lash extensions expert utilize the one on one method when applying for individual lash extensions, or quantity one to many.  This is where every lash is dispersed, then the false lashes or lash are put right on top.  The method removes the probability of bumping and shedding extra lashes, or damaging the natural lashes from the procedure.

Lash Extensions Remover

The very best method to remove any lash extensions at home is using any reputed Gel eyelash extensions remover that is available to buy only, and you can also find on any local departmental store.  Gel lash extensions remover can be used effectively and safely from the comfort of your own home.  These Gel lash extensions remover is specially developed for removing lashes extensions, so there are no side effects on eyes.  The kind to eye skin formula in these Gel softens the bonds used to apply the person or quantity lash extensions and softly removes them without pulling or damaging your natural lashes.

How to Use Gel lashes Extension Remover

1) – Brush the Gel applicator from roots to top

2) – Leave it for 5 minutes

3) – Brush again.  You’ll observe some lashes already begin to slide off

4) – Repeat the procedure and leave it for 10 minutes

5) – Repeat it until all eyelash extensions are removed

6) – After removing cleansing the eye area with some prebiotic eye make-up remover and remove any remaining residue and confirm the eye area is clean.

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