Pisces Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


This week demands that you stay patient with matters related to your love and relationship equations. Singles may probably meet the love of their life. In most likelihood, the special feelings for each other will be mutual and you will want to embark upon a new and beautiful relationship. The sailing may not be equally smooth for people who are already in a committed relationship. This is not a very bright week for proposing your loved one. Be patient and relax! Wait for a more favourable time to succeed. This is a fantastic week for showering your beloved with surprise gifts or planning a romantic picnic!


This week is going to be very favourable for students pursuing modern technology and related sciences. Students intending to migrate abroad for further studies will be successful during this time. In fact, this is the week when you must apply for admission to the university or college of your choice. Students may not score expected marks in any competitive examinations they appear for during this week. Let this temporary setback not deter you from your main objective! Persevere and keep working hard! Do not waste your energy for petty issues. Learn to channelize your energies in the correct direction for getting desired results on all fronts.


This is going to be an excellent week with matters pertaining to your health and fitness. You will remain completely focused and sincere about staying physically and mentally fit during this period. Meditation will certainly help you to stay in the fittest possible mental frame. Positive and enthusiastic! Your interest in outdoor sports and physical activities will substantially increase. Your energy levels will be so high, you will need to exercise absolute control over your aggression and anger. Expecting mothers should be extremely careful with their health. We hate to say this, but unexpected injuries are a distinct possibility. Please, be careful!


The prime objective of businessmen during this week will be to expand their existing business. They may be required to go on a hiring spree in their attempt to search for qualified personnel. If you have been considering to apply for a bank loan, this week is not very favourable to do so. The overall position of the planets is not very favourable for financial transactions. You may feel stressed out and mentally fatigued due to shortage of finances. The only thing you need to do is to stay calm and let this period pass. Better days are just around the corner. Learn to manage your funds appropriately.


The week has amazing opportunities to offer for your career growth as well as business. Planetary movements indicate a very progressive time for. Businessmen will remain positively busy negotiating multiple deals at a time. Salaried employees may receive a lucrative job offer from a company located overseas. You will become very joyous and your confidence will increase manifold upon receiving such an offer. Businessmen will be presented with several profitable deals. You may also get a golden chance to bag Government orders or huge contracts during this period. All in all, keep your legs firmly rooted on the ground and be patient with yourself and others around you.

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