Pisces Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020

Love and Relationships

This week is going to be a rollercoaster ride of sentiments as far as matters of your relationship equations and passion are concerned. Your relationship and tolerance will be put to test during this week. Both of you will have trust issues. You may even question your partner’s commitment towards you and your relationship. Gradually, as the midweek approaches, both of you will get together and solve your differences amicably. Your love for each other will ultimately win! Overall atmosphere within the family will be very peaceful and serene. You could arrange for a small family outing or picnic, as the weekend approaches.

Education and Knowledge

This week seems to be average for matters relevant to academics. Science or information technology students will be able to perform very well during this week. Students may not be able to focus very well upon their studies during the mid-week. However, as the weekend approaches, they will be able to regain their lost focus and interest. They will successfully get back on the right track and progress towards their goal. Students intending to pursue higher education overseas will be successful in completing all required formalities. We recommend, students do not select their university or college based upon hearsay. Make your decision thoroughly and post proper consideration.


You will need to be very careful with regards to your health and fitness during this week. There is no reason to panic and no major illnesses are foreseen. However, a minor surgery is a distinct possibility which cannot be ruled out. There is a possibility of facing minor stomach related gastric or indigestion issues. With proper medication and a little bit of care, you will recover within no time! We advise, you do not ignore any discomfort signals your body issues. Even a small problem can turn into a major complication if not treated on time. Precaution for your health will be your mantra during this week.

Money and Finances

This is going to be an action-packed week for matters related to your finance and money. You may face a critical financial crunch until mid-week. You could spend a substantial amount of money for purchasing a new home or car this week. This week seems to be very favorable for partnership ventures. If you have been considering starting a new venture with your partner, you can certainly do so this week. Your expenses will be on par with your income. Do not be a spendthrift and try to control additional expenses. Focus upon saving money for the future.

Career and Businesses

You will be able to manage your finances and matters about money very efficiently during this week. Except for the weekend, your finances will remain very stable. A substantial amount of payment may get stuck during the weekend. During the remaining days of the week, you will consider making new investments. You will also be able to clear off any outstanding loans. There is also a probability of purchasing valuable electronic gadgets. The week is extremely favourable for those dealing in stock market or investment broking. You will also be able to successfully lease your property for a large amount of rent.

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