Pisces Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020


This is going to be a remarkable week for matters pertaining to love and romance. The week is going to start off with the beginning of a brand new relationship! Singles will be able to propose to their beloved with elegance and grace. However, you will need to be very careful about misunderstandings during the mid-week. Married couples may also remain mentally disturbed due issues with their spouse. Differences of opinions will prevail even on petty matters! Couples must learn to forgive and forget and not allow their egos to come in the way of their happiness. Being calm and composed will be the key factor.


This is going to be the perfectly ideal week for students in terms of academics. Students who participate in any competitions during this week will perform outstandingly well. Their performance will be appreciated by one and all. If you have been having any confusions regarding further study, this is the week to consult your elders and solve it. Your mentors and family members will support you wholeheartedly. The week seems to be extremely favourable for students intending to migrate abroad for further studies. They can choose a university or college of their liking and begin migration formalities as soon as possible. Students, make the most of this week!


The beginning of the week will bring you lot of relief from any old ailments or diseases you had been suffering from. Your recovery will be complete and you will want to enjoy life to its fullest possible extent! Nevertheless, we advise you to take additional care of your health, especially during the weekend. Do not get overly sensitive about petty issues. This may make you feel negatively stressed out and anxious for no good reason at all! Stay happy and remember, life was never about yesterday and it is never about tomorrow, it is about this moment! Practice yoga and meditation during times of such stress.


The initial days of the week are very favourable for matters pertaining to finance and money. You will be able to generate a substantial amount of wealth through various sources of income. Your income will steadily and gradually keep on increasing until the mid-week. Businessmen could consider investing in new ventures. A positive growth in your bank balance and overall financial stature is almost guaranteed. The week will be truly beneficial if you consider investments in real estate or properties. Since you will remain cash rich during this week, we advise, you focus upon saving for the safety of your own future as well as your loved ones.


The week seems to be very favourable for both, salaried employees as well as businessmen, in terms of career growth and business. There is a distinct possibility of salaried employees being offered a promotion. However, they may need to accept this new position at a different location away from home. The week also seems to be favourable for businessmen. Business will be better than usual. Businessmen may also win several new contracts or profitable tenders during this period. Salaried employees will enjoy a great rapport with their colleagues and superiors at work. Wait and watch! Things are going to get even better!

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