Pisces Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


On an average, this is going to be a fantastic week for matters pertaining to love and romance. The week is going to mark the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. Singles will be able to propose to their beloved with confidence and grace. However, as the weekend approaches, misunderstandings between both of you may increase. Married couples may also remain mentally disturbed due to some issue or the other. Differences of opinions will prevail between them, even on trivial matters! They must learn to forgive and forget and not allow their egos to come in the way of their happiness. Being considerate will be the key factor.


For students, this week seems to be very bright in terms of academics. However, during the initial days of the week, students will be required to work harder to achieve desired results. Your hard work will certainly not go in vain. Your results will be declared during the mid-week and you will pass with outstanding marks! You will not restrict your knowledge to learning subjects that are within your syllabus. You would want to expand the horizons of your knowledge and discover new topics. This is a very favourable week for preparation of advanced studies. Students intending to migrate abroad for future studies will face minor obstacles.


This week will help you to rejuvenate mentally and recuperate from any physical ailments that you have been suffering from. All your discomforts will slowly start to ebb away. You will completely recover and will want to enjoy life to its fullest possible extent! Nevertheless, take good care of your health during the weekend. Refrain from eating street side junk food. Eating adulterated food will certainly a wreck a havoc with your digestive system. Avoid taking too much of mental stress. Being overly sensitive will cause hypertension and mental anxiety. Spare some time to practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis.


Overall, the week seems to be very good for matters pertaining to your finance and money. Refrain from real estate and property deals, as they will not prove to be very profitable for you. You will be able to manage your finances very well, especially during the mid-week. Financial benefits from relatives on the maternal side is a distinct possibility. Businessmen will also make a substantial amount of profit by dealing with companies located overseas. Investments made in the past will yield moderate fruits. Do not try to cut corners and earn money quickly. Such unethical ways of earning will always end in a disaster!


Salaried employees will receive better job opportunities with lucrative offers during this week. Their hard work and sincerity will be duly noted and appreciated by their seniors. Businessmen may be required to go on a business trip during this time. They will receive complete and wholehearted support from elders within the family. Salaried employees as well as businessmen will need to pay complete attention to all aspects of their job and business. Be warned! A careless mistake will have severe financial repercussions. Do not base your decisions upon what people will think and how they will react. Take your time to arrive to a conclusion.

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