NIT Jalandhar develops apparatus to kill coronavirus

(IANS) An apparatus for ultraviolet sterilization of surfaces has been developed by Dr BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology in Jalandhar to kill coronavirus, it was announced on Wednesday.

Fitted with ultraviolet radiation source, it can kill micro organisms of the likes of coronavirus and other bacteria.

As against the conventional sanitization processes, where it is a difficult task to disinfect train wagon surfaces and seats as well as aircraft, this wheel-based manually operated apparatus is adjustable and compact in size and can be used in narrow passages also.

This way, it also saves time while disinfecting keeping in view the heavy load of boarding passengers.

This can be used to disinfect trains, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, offices, isolation wards of hospitals, etc.

The device is jointly invented by NIT Director Lalit Kumar Awasthi and his colleague Kuldeep Singh Nagla, Associate Professor, Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

Awasthi said, “The apparatus is very effective to disinfect the porous surfaces where the ordinary chemical-based disinfecting systems are ineffective”.

He said the technology, which has been patented, has recently been transferred to UCOMAX, a Vadodara-based company.

The company is soon preparing to launch two models — one is battery operated and another wire operated. The product will also be available online.

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