Musician Milad JT is all set to invest in Music Festivals Post- Pandemic

Seyed Milad Torabi known as Milad JT became a big name in the music industry and the business world. He is making a huge noise with the announcement of his sponsorship in throwing one of the biggest festivals in 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey.

young man has already built his network in the business and music world.

He is already an established well-known Music Artist. He also said that he will be releasing couple of new techno tracks within the next couple of weeks that he thinks it will be mega hit. Having spent years travelling the world and attending festivals, he involved himself behind the scenes of almost all the events. With his love for music and unleashing his side as an entrepreneur, he started investing in festivals and events that pushed him into hosting his own events.

Keeping a perfect balance of music and business, he is rightly living his dreams. He plans to perform at several high-profile festivals across World after the pandemic Covid-19 finishes. The artist who hasn’t reach his 30 has revolutionized himself as most affluent entrepreneurs of the time.

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