Mental Health After a Burn


Being burned can be a traumatic encounter for anyone that goes through it. So many people think about the visible portion of things but don’t stop to think about how it might be changing the person emotionally. Being burned, no matter how it happened, can cause drooling damage that no one can see but the person always feels from then on.

One thing that you need to be conscious of is that there will be people who look at you like you have changed. The thing that you need to learn is that you are no different than anyone else. Although it may seem like people treat you separate, your true friends and family shouldn’t see any variation. Having burn scars can be a hard thing to live with on an everyday basis. Living with those same burn scars that you didn’t have before is even more difficult to manage. If you have a child that is living with just being burned, you need to be conscious about what the kids are going to say. Children don’t know how to manage other children that are different from them. The way that they manage it is by making fun or laughing at the other child. Although this isn’t the right way to handle things, this is the only way that the children know how to react to something like that if they are under the age of 12. Children can be rude to their peers but once they grow up they tend to learn what not to say to keep from provoking others.

Another thing that you must consider is the self-esteem issue. Anyone who has been affected in a burn or with someone who has had a burn knows just how bad you may feel sometimes. Have noticeable scars can often be one of the most prominent contributors to low self-esteem because people feel like their burn makes them look dirty.

Counseling can be one of the best ways to deal with all the spontaneous and long-term struggles that a person can go through after a burn. It is a conflict to always deal with emotions that strong about your personal image. Counseling can be the most effective way to make someone understand their self-esteem issues and where they stem from exactly. Although having scars can seem like a nightmare, sometimes it can turn out to be a blessing. Having that emotional issue can sometimes lead to a person becoming more powerful and more in sync with what they feel about themselves and others.

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