Man crashes car into gate of Chinese embassy in Argentina

Police officers stand guard outside the Chinese embassy in Buenos Aires after a car which, according to local media, was crashed by a man into its exterior gate, in Buenos Aires Argentina

A man drove a car into the front gate of the Chinese Embassy in Buenos Aires on Monday, prompting a major response by police, officials said.

There were no injuries reported, though the crash did severely damage embassy property, according to a statement shared with Reuters by the Chinese Embassy.

Multiple police units responded to the scene, and officers blocked off the street in front of the embassy. The driver of the car is Argentine, though his identity and the reason for the crash is under investigation, the embassy said.

“The Argentine Police quickly went to the diplomatic headquarters and is now investigating the identity and motives of the actor in incident,” the embassy’s statement said.

Federal and city police did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Argentina’s Foreign Ministry declined comment.

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