Major Signs Of Weight Loss

You might have read thousands of blogs sharing various weight loss tips, but do you really know how it works? If you are curious to know more about health & weight loss, then you are at the perfect webpage.

Today, we will be sharing some fantastic & rare information that will not only help you but also motivate you to lose weight quickly in 2020. For those who are on a diet or some type of physical exercise, monitoring body changes are satisfactory, especially when they are getting close to some goal, which may be weight loss, mass gain, definition, etc.

But to achieve the goals, it is important to have the awareness and responsibility that a professional should be with you to monitor weight loss and monitor the diet in order to ensure that everything is being done properly. Let us not wander around and move further to the main subject— Major Signs Of Weight Loss.

Major Signs Of Weight Loss

Concern about weight is very common within society, and this affects people of different ages and age groups. The problem with this is that in the face of this restlessness, many people end up losing weight the wrong way, damaging their health.

So, understanding how the weight loss process happens is knowing how the body works, the metabolism, its physiology, and how habits influence it. That is, it ends up becoming a process of self-knowledge and, of course, self-care. But for this, it is important to understand the following points:


The body is a complex gear to understand, and many variables influence metabolism, such as food, stress, menstrual cycle, physical activities, genetics, among others.

So, even if a very disciplined routine is followed, the body will never lose the same amount of calories on a daily basis because it depends on all these factors.

Therefore, monitoring weight loss is not always easy or even satisfactory, even when it is getting close to the goal, because, at this moment, the body starts to maintain the energy supply, making it difficult to lose calories.

Slow Metabolism VS. Fast Metabolism

For those who are more connected in matters of quality of life and health, certainly, have heard about slow or fast metabolism. However, few people know what metabolism itself is like. However, a nutritionist can say with certainty what the type of each person is.

Knowing if your metabolism is fast or slow is important to understand how the body itself works and take care of it consciously, adapting the diet and exercises according to each need.

Carbohydrate Is the Body’s Fuel

Cutting out carbohydrates is not a healthy way to lose weight, not least because this group must be supplied to the body regularly so that the body can have energy.

The lack of carbohydrates causes tiredness, indisposition, and dizziness. That is, there is no point in losing weight at all costs.

The same goes for other types of food; after all, food groups have specific functions in the body, such as leaving the immune system strengthened, stimulating chemical functions, bringing vital balance, among others.

That is, restrictive diets force weight loss in the wrong way and should only be done when recommended and accompanied by a doctor in specific cases where it is important not to eat certain foods, but in this situation, the specialist can recommend substitute foods.

Losing Weight Too Fast Is Not Indicated

Generally, along with the desire to lose weight comes anxiety and hence the restrictive and miraculous diets.

However, when weight loss happens very quickly through these diets, the body ends up burning the muscles so that it can have more energy, and then the result can only be one: accelerated weight loss, however, part of it results in loss of muscle mass.

And losing muscle mass is harmful to health, as it makes it difficult to maintain weight, makes it impossible to burn calories, and is harmful to even other organs.

The Brain Doesn’t like Diets

The brain hates diets, so how is it possible to lose weight? In general, the brain does not understand when we want to lose weight, so it triggers a state of emergency, making it increasingly difficult to resist any temptation or end up consuming less energy from food.

Even so, when weight loss occurs, the brain works so that the previous weight is regained. This makes people who go on diets more likely to be obese.

The diet ends up generating negative feelings, such as stress and anxiety, and this makes the brain not understand what, in fact, is hunger or gluttony.

In the case of stress, it consumes a lot of glucose, a fundamental substance to maintain self-control; that is, a stressed person has more difficulty to resist temptations. In the case of anxiety, it contributes to the development of compulsive habits. The stories about Celine Dion Weight Loss all over the internet is all about anxiety & depression and hence, it proves to be a bad sign of weight loss.

So, how to make the brain understand the desire to lose weight? For this to happen, the focus cannot be entirely on food, but on the set of healthy habits, such as exercising and even meditation. Because these activities can modify the way the brain thinks and establish a healthy relationship with the body, mind, and habits.

How Do I Know that I Am Losing Weight in a Healthy Way?

Well, not always losing weight means you are doing it right; however, there are ways to monitor weight loss and understand whether you are going the right way or not.

So it is always advised to do this weight loss process with the accompaniment of a specialist doctor. However, we have listed some ways to identify weight loss the healthy way or not.

Right Weight Loss Signs:

– More disposition on a daily basis;

– Better physical conditioning;

– Feels stronger and healthier;

– Willingness to maintain a balanced diet;

– Good mood, good self-esteem;

– And, of course, circumference reduction or weight maintenance.

Wrong Signs Of Weight Loss

– Bad mood;

– The compulsion for food;

– Weight loss very fast;

– A sudden change of mood;

– Symptoms such as headaches and dizziness.

There are several factors that influence weight loss, to do this in a healthy way, it is extremely important that a doctor does this monitoring, in addition to, of course, understanding your own body and habits.

Self-care is essential to this process, as it brings responsibility for your own health. I hope that the stated signs of healthy weight loss surprised you and increased your morale towards losing weight. If you have any suggestions regarding this blog post, then please comment below, and our moderators will respond to it soon.

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