Madagascar Travel Guide for Nature Lovers

Madagascar is a famous tourist destination with travellers looking for a tranquil, relaxing holiday. There are some magnificent holiday villas with private pools and self-catering holiday apartments available to rent as holiday homes in this beautiful country.

Madagascar is a fascinating and picturesque island with spotless beaches, palm trees, lush and green plateaus, volcanoes, jungles, and natural reserve. Madagascar is overflowing with abundant wildlife and a large number of unusual species that are discovered only on this exotic island. The island is a blend of lively colors of flowers and flora.

It is vibrant in biodiversity and is the fourth-largest island in the world. It covers many smaller islands, a chain of high mountains, lowlands, thick rainforests, dry deciduous forests, savannah, and a semi-desert region.

The island of Nosy Be is a significant tourist draw of Madagascar. It is recognized as the fragrant island of Malagasy. The island is bared to winds but possesses a pleasant climate during all seasons apart from the summers. The island has eleven volcanic lakes and vast water reserves. The island also has thick vegetation and forests.

It is home to countless crocodiles too. The famous tourist attractions in Nosy Be are the forest, Hell Ville and Jungle Village. The delicious cuisine of the area also makes it a top-rated tourist destination.

The principal port of Madagascar is Toamasina. It was instituted in the eighteenth century and was named Tamatave before its present name. The proximity of the coral reef in the region makes it a tourist delight. The presence of sharks forces people to stay away from the waters, but many tourists visit to catch a shark.

Toamasina has a variety of lovely golden beaches, and the town is located on a sandy peninsula. The Bazary Be market is a famous attraction of the region. Ivoloina Gardens is an exotic animal and plant reserve in Toamasina.

Toliara is a sea-side town in Madagascar and renowned for the water sports offered in the place. Many travelers come to this part of Madagascar, particularly for water sports. The shell market and the local museum are popular attractions of the region. The Tulear Reef or coral ref also draws a lot of tourists to this area.

The charming village of Ifaty is located in the region with many explorers visiting it during their stay. Scuba diving in the area attracts many tourists from across the world. Ranomafana is yet another popular tourist attraction of Madagascar. Ranomafana National Park preserves the biodiversity of the Ranomafana ecosystem. The pleasing climate, gushing cascades, picturesque park, meandering river, and diverse species of flora and fauna, on 43,500 hectares of land, makes it a popular tourist stop in Madagascar. Bird watchers come here in high numbers since the park offers a chance to view many bird species.

The city of Mahajanga is another prominent tourist attraction in Madagascar. It is settled on the north-western coast of the country and is blessed with marvelous beaches. An oriental influence is apparent in the region, and it houses many colonial buildings. The Port of Mahajanga is a preferred place with locals and visitors alike.

For scuba diving, shopping, bird watching, and just relaxing amidst natural settings, Madagascar is a fabulous place to go on a holiday. The natural charm of the region and the biodiversity it offers makes it an exceptional tourist destination. The islands’ unique and particular flora and fauna is yet another reason for encountering the rich island and observing rare natural glory.

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