Libra Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


This is precisely the week when you will need to give more importance to your partner or spouse. The ‘you’ will be more important than the ‘I’ during this entire week. Spend some romantic time with your partner. Go out for a long ride, perhaps a movie or a dinner date will work wonders! Putting extra efforts to please your partner will prove very profitable in the long run. Some old issues with your partner may crop up, try to solve them amicably without being irritated. Differences of opinion may prevail amongst members of a joint family. Your bond between friends and family will be stronger than ever!


Students will face some minor ups and downs during this week. They will need to retain a positive frame of mind and inculcate a rock solid tolerance. It will be of paramount importance to keep academics as top-priority. Getting diverted towards other activities will certainly have adverse results. Students intending to pursue higher education abroad can commence formalities and procedure for the same during this week. Students should also try and widen their horizons of knowledge by reading books or searching for knowledge enhancing internet sites. Studying in a group of like-minded co-students will increase their confidence substantially. It will also prove to be relaxing!


Precaution’ will be your mantra during this week. We advise that you do not take matters pertaining to your health lightly. People suffering from diabetes will also need to be very careful. There is every possibility of feeling stressed and fatigued. Light exercises, morning walks and meditation will certainly help. As far as possible, refrain from eating spicy foods. Try to eat meals that are nutritious and easy to digest. You could include pulses, legumes and sprouts in your dinner or lunch. Diet and reduce weight if you are overweight or obese. Choose a healthy lifestyle. We assure you, it will be very beneficial in the future.


This is going to be an absolutely amazing week as far as matters of finance and money are concerned. To grow your finances in a stable and gradual fashion, you must inculcate a habit of budgeting your expenses and keeping a track over unwanted expenditures. Try to maintain an equilibrium between your financial inflow and outward expenditures. Maintain your books of accounts thoroughly and diligently. Do not think about making huge investments during this period. Monetary gains and financial assistance from your family during times of need is also a distinct probability. You will be able to search for new avenues for generation of additional income.


This week is excellent with matters pertaining to your career growth and business progress. Salaried employees are going to be very tired because of their hectic schedules and workloads. You must be extremely careful before using harsh language anywhere, especially with your seniors and colleagues at work. Harsh words will certainly have severe repercussions in the future. Business or professional trips are a distinct possibility during this week. Your career is going to positively and drastically change if you are occupied in the field of research, occult sciences or law. Do not take any unnecessary risks and try to cut corners to earn money quickly.

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