Libra Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020


Love and Relationships

The week does not appear to be very bright with matters of your relationship equations and passion. Petty disputes and differences of opinions shall prevail with your partner. Your social life may be flooded with unanticipated controversies. Try to maintain amicable relationships with your colleagues at work. Do not get into additional and futile arguments with your co-workers. Businessmen should not take their relations with clients, associates, or partners for granted. A substantial amount of effort will be required to maintain peace, warmness, and balance in your relationship equations. Remember, the most important aspect of this week is to be patient with people and yourself as well!

Education and Knowledge

Under no circumstances should students allow their level of focus and concentration to deteriorate. Students should not allow negativity to creep in. The week seems to be very favorable for getting good news and amazing academic results! This will truly bring a very special joy to parents. Students should try to stay away from co-students who are not very serious about their careers. Students pursuing graduation would be desirous of moving abroad for higher education. Students should try and pay complete and undivided attention to what is being taught during classes. As we said, focus and concentration will be key factors throughout the week.


If you have been leading a sluggish lifestyle, this is the week to wake up and do something positive about it. A low amount of activity will invite a lack of appetite. This may make you feel drained out of energy. Adding some fruits and sprouts to your daily breakfast will certainly replenish your lost strength. If you have been dieting, we advise you to take a break for some time. You may fall sick if you do not take adequate rest. Always insist on drinking pure, distilled, or boiled water. There are chances of infection during this week. Light exercises will be very helpful indeed!

Money and Finances

Saving money will not only be profitable today, but it will also ensure a brighter future for tomorrow. Keep contingency funds ready in your savings account, you are going to need them this week! No major expenses are foreseen during this time, however, you will not be able to reduce your daily expenditure. This week is very favorable for matters related to finance and savings. We recommend that you make the most of it! Do not allow any opportunities of increasing your financial inflow to slip away. There is a distinct possibility, you may need to clear some old pending dues this week.

Career and Business

Good relations and gentle words will mean everything for you during this week if you want to progress with your career or your business. Businessmen should be prepared for traveling during this time. Such trips will prove to be profitable. You may feel enthusiastic and cheerful if you have started work on a new project. Pay attention to its minutest details. Salaried employees may feel stressed out due to an immense workload at the office. Partnership firms may go through some minor turbulences because of differences amongst partners. Try and maintain amicable relationships with your partners and clients during this week.

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