Libra Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020


Two key factors that will help you to sail smoothly through this week are a gentle language and a forgiving attitude. Dark monsoon clouds that do not bring rains are of no use. When you love, you need to express! You need to communicate more and tell your partner how much they mean to you! Lack of communication will eventually lead to bitterness. Spend more time with your loved ones. When you disagree with your partner, do not make it an ego issue. Bitter experiences of the past may stop singles from building new relations. Spending some romantic time with your spouse outdoors will rekindle your romance!


This is going to be a very progressive week for students. The week will be particularly favourable towards students who are involved in scientific research. Your hard work will be appreciated by one and all, including your teachers, mentors and family members. Students will be able to improve their memory and their desire to study will be stronger than ever before. Students intending to travel overseas for higher education will succeed during this time. Students should try and expand the horizons of their knowledge by reading more books and surfing the internet for helpful sites. Students should try and meditate during times of stress and anxiety.


This week will be a smooth for matters pertaining to your health and fitness. You may face trivial issues in regards to your digestive system during this time. Stay away from sweets, spicy and oily foods. Refrain from eating street side junk food as well. Consuming outside food unrestrictedly could have severe repercussions. We recommend that you exercise every day and practice yoga and meditation as well. Learning a new form of dance like Zumba will help you stay physically as well as mentally fit. Staying conscious about the wellbeing of your health is always appreciable. Caution should be your mantra during this entire week.


You will need to keep a tight leash over your habitual expenses during this week. The sources of income will undoubtedly increase during this period, but you will also need to monitor your expenditure at the same time. Try to maintain an equilibrium between both. Whenever possible, stop yourself from making unnecessary expenses. Your finances will increase by leaps and bounds! You will be presented with several lucrative opportunities to earn money from various avenues. Make the most of it without taking any unnecessary or uncalculated risks. There is a distinct possibility of spending some money for the renovation of your house.


This is going to be an average week in terms of career growth and progress. Salaried employees will need to take care of a few directions. Procrastination will be their greatest enemy for sure. An attitude of doing today’s work tomorrow and tomorrow’s work day after will certainly not help. Consider yourself part of a team when you are working in an organisation. Exercise control over spoken language and let your words be very gentle all the time. Being lazy and lethargic will have severe repercussions. This week will be very favourable for the professional growth of architects.

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