Libra Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


Couples who have been desirous of becoming parents will get good news very soon during this week! Congratulations mum and dad! It is time that you befriend your children. Try to maintain as much congeniality with them as possible. Try not to raise any issues with your spouse or differences of opinions with your business partner during this time. Do not overstretch anything and try to sort out all these issues as fast as you can before they create any further complications. Try to control your possessiveness with your partner. To love is to liberate, not possess! Give space to your partner for your love to rekindle!


Which is the week when students should move out and try to gain as much practical as well as theoretical knowledge as they can! Students will be particularly in inclined towards creative arts and commerce. They may even want to take an admission in universities or colleges offering such courses. This week may be slightly rough for students pursuing various branches of technical studies. There is also a distinct possibility of students being confused while choosing their mainstream subjects for further studies. Chartered accountancy students will be loaded with work and projects during this entire week. All in all, an action packed week for students!


You need to realise that the prime reason behind blood pressure, stress and negative anxiety is your mind being flooded with unnecessary thoughts. Go for a walk or listen to soothing music! Walking on green grass is particularly recommended for hypertension patients. Do not over-stress and try to take enough rest. Sleep for at least eight hours every night. Regular meditation will help keep you mentally relax. Try to play with and be around kids when you are stressed or upset. Your stress will magically disappear due to the positivity of kids and you will start feeling happy once again!


Financial inflow will be very satisfactory during this week, but you will also be required to take care about your expenses. There is a distinct possibility of incurring several unexpected expenses. You could spend a substantial amount of money for court cases and pending legal matters. Since you have a lot of surplus funds on hand at the moment, it will be a great idea to clear off all your old debts. You could consider investing in real estate during this week. It will be imperative for you to keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses. Do not spend huge chunks of money for buying exorbitant paraphernalia.


Salaried employees may feel stressed out because of a new working environment and excessive workload in office. Do not worry, you will get used to it shortly! Government employees posted on a temporary basis will soon become permanent employees. Businessmen who have been planning to start a new venture or a new project can do so within this week. Doing so will prove to be very profitable in the future. Professionals in the field of occult sciences or research may not be completely satisfied with their career growth. Do not be disappointed with minor day to day difficulties. Be patient and hang in there!

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