Libra Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June, 2020


Your relationship equations and romance with partner will be filled with absolute bliss during this period. You will feel more romantic and your mood will remain absolutely positive and full of enthusiasm! Try to maintain amicable relationships with your in-laws. Be careful, small misunderstandings can take a bigger shape in the future. Do not enter into futile arguments with your partner or spouse. Harsh words will wreck a havoc upon the sweetness of your relationship. Learn to forgive and forget. Stick to the usage of a gentle language. Try to refrain from arguing with your siblings or juniors at work. Be patient with yourself and others!


Students will be brimming with positivity, energy and enthusiasm during this entire week. Their interest in academics will be more than ever before. They will get very serious about their career growth prospects and will score amazing marks in examinations that they appear for, including competitive examinations as well. Concentrate upon your goals and do not lose your self-confidence. Hard and sincere work will enable you to achieve whatever you want to in life! We advise students to meditate during times of negative anxiety. Meditation will prove to be a great stress buster. Perseverance will help you achieve the greatest of heights!


This is not the week to take your health for granted. Your lifestyle must be absolutely organised with your prime focus being your mental and physical fitness. Do not neglect any issues pertaining to your children’s health disorders. There is a strong probability of your children falling ill during this week. Be careful! We highly recommend that you get routine and detailed check-ups done for your aged parents. Even small discomforts or illnesses should not be ignored as they can create unwanted complications in the future. Take your medicines regularly. Any skin disorders will be automatically resolved during this period.


You will be presented with a lot of opportunities for earning money through various sources during this week. Focus upon saving money as much as possible for your own safety as well as the safety of your loved ones. There is a distinct possibility of someone from the known circle asking for a loan. Think about all involved risks before lending any money. If you have undertaken any construction work, try to ensure that does not exceed your fixed budget. You will also incur a substantial amount of fees for any pending court matters or litigations, during this week. Do not cut corners to earn money fast.


Businessman and salaried employees will get several opportunities to grow from overseas! You will need to keep your sleeves rolled and your bags packed! Be prepared for a lot of tours during this week. Such tours will be very profitable in the near future. Complete control over spoken language and harsh words will be absolutely necessary. Do not lose your temper while explaining a point to your colleagues or talking with your seniors. Although, you are talented, you will not be able to impress your boss easily because of your habit of procrastinating. Try to be punctual with your work submissions and avoid getting into gossips.

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