Level Guide for WoW Classic

Organize your bags (Speed Leveling)

That is why it is important, In WoW Classic, pocket spaces are usually much more limited than in BfA, especially with the first character. You should always think about what you need and what you don’t.Collect only what you need or what is valuable and leave the rest behind in an emergency or use it up quickly. This saves you the time to constantly stop later and rummage in your pockets if you have to take quest items with you.How do I organize my bags? It is important, for example, that you simply throw away individual items if you are not farming an enemy type that can be used to form stacks of items.Gray items can be valuable, especially in bulk, but clog inventory if they are individual. You should always have a few places available if you find something important. Otherwise, some addons such as Vendor Price will help you organize your bags.

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Why you should save your gold in WoW Classic

Finally, an important tip: You should save as much gold as possible and not make unnecessary purchases in the auction house. At level 40 at the latest, you need a lot of gold to buy the amount. And the speed bonus ensures that you get through the world much faster and thus save a lot of time. However, you have to spend a total of 100 gold for the riding ability and the mount itself. If your reputation level with the trader’s faction is high enough, you can save 10 gold.

All important tips for fast level up

Dare to go it alone: If you complete quests in a group, you will get significantly less experience for completed mobs, as this is shared between all members.Kill as many opponents as possible and ignore quests that only take up unnecessary time through many walks. This will help you progress faster.If you want to do an instance, you should collect all related quests beforehand. That gives a lot of experience points.It takes a group to find a dungeon in WoW Classic. At that time, you’d better keep doing mobs.You need 90 to 100 gold for a mount. Save the amount up to level 40 to be able to travel the world much faster afterward.

For classes, the rule is that pure damage classes alone are faster than others and have some advantages:

  • Villains can sneak through areas if they only need certain things.
  • Magicians can use Blizzard and Frost Nova to eliminate many enemies at once.
  • Warlocks and hunters have a personal tank that accompanies them.
  • Classes such as priests and paladins are usually somewhat weaker on their own and therefore simply take longer to level.

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