Leo Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020



The week offers a mixed ride of emotions as far as your relationships and love are concerned. Try to avoid entering into futile arguments with your parents this week. You will be proven wrong in whatever you are arguing for, hence it is best to avoid such confrontations with parents. Married couples are going to have a lovely time during this period. Exercise complete control over your spoken words. Harsh words will worsen your relationships and create misunderstandings with everyone you love. You are a likely to exchange a lot of gifts and cards with your loved ones. Try to spend quality time with your friends and family.


Students who are preparing for competitive examinations will need work very hard to succeed during this week. Students pursuing chartered accountancy and management courses will need to roll up their sleeves and walk that extra mile! Seek the guidance of your teachers and mentors whenever required. This guidance will help you to enhance your knowledge to a great degree. Your focus and concentration will be un-deviated and your overall learning process will be very satisfactory. Engineering students will outshine everyone else and will have a fantastic experience during this period. During times of stress, we recommend that students meditate to relax their minds and regain their lost concentration.


You will need to be very cautious in regards to your health during this week, especially patients who suffer from asthma. They should be particularly careful and avoid going to dusty or overcrowded places. This is a very good week to commence light exercises, yoga. During times of negative anxiety and stress, we recommend that you practice meditation. It will help you stay mentally relaxed. We advise that you take good care of your siblings during this period, especially younger brothers and sisters. Nothing is permanent, not even your troubles! Do not spend time worrying about petty matters, it is not worth taking the stress!


If you exercise a few precautions, the week seems to be very stable financially for you. There is a distinct possibility of recovering payments that have been stuck since a long time. Although, we recommend that you do not lend money to anyone, even known people, during this week. Chances are, search extended loans will not be recovered very soon. Try and inculcate a habit of saving money. Savings done in the past will benefit you greatly during this week. There is a distinct possibility of receiving unexpected financial help from your family or friends. You may probably need to bear expenses for an auspicious event.


Government employees who have been awaiting transfer to a location of their choice will be granted their wish during this week! Salaried employees will have some difficulty meeting their targets. They are advised to work even harder. They may also be presented with more lucrative jobs with a higher pay scale. It is advisable that they wait this period out before making the switch. Do not be impatient! The entire week will be literally flooded with various opportunities for you! Whenever you do change your job, consider all the associated pros and cons before doing so. Once a step is taken, there is no turning back.

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