Leo Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020



Expect a lot of spice on your relationship front during this week. Married couples are going to have a beautiful time together. A lavish lunch, an extravagant dinner and fun activities together are all stored up for you! You will really be able to enjoy each other’s company during this time. Consider gifting something to your parents. It will make them immensely happy. Parties, picnics, luncheons, dinners and movies! You are going to enjoy all of this with your friends and partners! Whenever you feel irritated that your partner is not unable to devote enough time, try to understand that he is working hard for your happiness!


Students are strongly advised not to choose their career or their subjects of specialisation in a hurry during this week. Think about all the pros and cons prior joining a new university. Chances are, you will regret later. Many bright opportunities will come your way. Join some knowledge enhancing crash courses. Students pursuing creative arts will outshine everybody during this period. Students may want to leave their hometown for higher studies. A spiritual inclination during this week is a distinct possibility. Make the most of it by practicing meditation regularly. Meditation will not only help you focus and concentrate better, but will also relax you mentally.


Precaution’ should be your mantra during this entire week. If you are careful and you exercise a few precautions, no major health issues will bother you. We highly recommend that you completely abstain from eating junk street side food. We say so because there is a distinct possibility of digestive issues like acidity, indigestion and other stomach related ailments. Businessmen and salaried employees should both avoid too much touring during this week. Frequent touring will be tiring and will result in mental and physical fatigue, thereby inviting illness. Light cardiovascular exercises should be very helpful. Try to meditate and practice yoga on a regular basis.


You are going to climb up the ladder of financial success during this week! This financial progress is going to be very rapid. Your monetary gains during this period will be very quick. You will get a lot of opportunities to earn money during this week. Financial inflow will also be regular, stable and satisfactory. There is a distinct possibility of financially benefiting directly from something good that your children have done! Business will flourish and salaried employees will also perform very well. Monetary gains from members of the family is also probable. Take enough care to spend your money wisely and concentrate upon future savings as well.


This week is very average with matters related to your career growth and business. Do not take any hasty decisions pertaining to business during this period. Especially those businessmen who are running an independent or proprietorship business should be very careful. Businessmen who have been planning an expansion of their business should postpone it for a later date. Salaried employees may find it difficult to concentrate at work due to a problematic situation or an interfering individual. Seniors will co-operate with you wholeheartedly. People engaged in sales and marketing will need to be on their toes. Lot of touring during this week is a distinct possibility.

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