Leo Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


This is the week when you will need to be friends with your children. Avoid confrontations and clashes with them as far as possible. Do not be over possessive with them! There is a difference that you need to understand between being possessive and loving. You may meet an old acquaintance from your school or college during this week. Avoid getting into futile arguments with your colleagues at work. Usage of harsh language will only ruin your relationships with them. Staying too busy with your professional commitments will keep your spouse disturbed. A fun filled weekend with your friends and family will rejuvenate you mentally.


Students should try to widen the horizons of their knowledge by engaging themselves in practical field work. This week is best suited for practical experience of various aspects of your studies. It would also be a good idea to join some creative courses during this period. Engineering students will need to work really hard to achieve desired results. To get even better results in examinations, we recommend that students study in a group. This will undoubtedly benefit them the most. Students intending to migrate abroad can commence formalities for the same during this week. We recommend students to meditate during times of stress.


No major health issues are foreseen during this week if you remain a little cautious. You will need to be careful about skin infections or other kinds of skin allergies. If you notice any rashes, itching or discoloration, we recommend that you visit a dermatologist immediately. There might also be minor complications related to your blood. If possible, get a complete and detailed body check-up done. Diabetics should also be very careful during this week and they should keep a regular tab over their blood sugar levels. Regular exercises will help you stay physically and mentally fit. Hit that health club near you!


You will need to be extremely cautious with regards to matters of finance and money during this week. Financial inflow should not be a problem, provide you work hard. Be extremely careful prior signing any papers, legal documents or cheques. Doing so may result in a major financial loss. Those involved in trading, especially intraday trading of stocks, should be very careful during this period. Keep a very tight leash around unwanted expenses. Being a spendthrift will certainly land you into trouble. Investing money is always a good idea, but refrain from putting all your finances into one basket. Diversified investments are always best.


Roll up your sleeves and be prepared for some action during this week! This week is particularly favourable for salaried employees. Those who have been eagerly awaiting to shift to a better job can do so without any hesitation during this week. Those who have been unemployed since a long time will certainly find a job during this period. Although, you will be burdened with a lot of responsibilities including increasing of sales for your company. Upon satisfactory performance, salaried employees may even be offered a promotion! Keep your bags packed and be prepared for a lot of touring during this week.

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