Leo Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June, 2020


This is going to be a rollercoaster ride as far as your love and relationship equations are concerned. Expect major ups and downs. We recommend that you remain cautious during this time. Do not take any decisions in a haste. Listen to your friends, they will have an important advice to give you. Married couples are going to have a great time together. Their love for each other will be amazing! The last two days of the week will be full of romance and bliss for singles. There is a distinct possibility of singles falling in love with a friend of the opposite sex.


Students should remain enthusiastic and retain an optimistic attitude for their future. As they say, it is all in the mind! This will certainly help you to focus and concentrate better upon your studies. Do not get confused while choosing your subjects for higher studies. There is a distinct possibility of students joining some interior designing or other creativity courses. Do not get disappointed if you are unable to achieve desired results in the competitive examinations in your first attempt. Perseverance will be the key here! Students pursuing technical courses may find it slightly difficult to focus upon their studies. As we said, remain positive!


Your health is going to remain top-notch during this entire week! You will be bubbling with positivity and enthusiasm! This will be infectious in a good way and people will be inspired with the quantum of energy you possess! It is a good thing that you are cautious about your diet and are taking adequate care of what you eat. Eating nutritious food is certainly one of the major factors that is helping you to remain healthy. There is a distinct possibility of elderly members of the family falling sick. We recommend that you take adequate care of their health during this week.


If you do not remain cautious during this week with regards to matters relating to money, the week will not prove to be very profitable. Your only priority during this time will be to on money, at any cost! There is a distinct possibility of receiving sudden monetary benefits and financial aid from friends and family. Businessmen as well as salaried employees will both need to go on long distance business or marketing trips to earn more money. Matters in regards to your finance will constantly keep you on your toes. Do not get desperate and adopt any shortcuts or unethical ways to earn money.


What an amazing week this is for your career as well as business growth! Salaried employees as well as businessmen will flourish during this week! Professionals in the field of spirituality, medicine or a combination of both, that is spiritual healing, will progress substantially. You will be very contented with the career growth of your children. The week seems to be particularly favourable for export and import businesses. This period is also very profitable for independent businessmen who own and operate a small business. Unemployed people will be presented with amazing job opportunities during this time. They should consider all the pros and cons prior joining!

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