Latest on the scientific research on immortality and my views on it

Why do we have to die? I think I first asked that question of my mom when I was four years old. She revealed that “we are all going to die one day, everyone has to die finally,” and that answer was promptly followed up with another question; “Why?” Today, I still think that it doesn’t have to be like that and that currently, no one gets out of the life-experience alive, maybe we can prolong that thing we call death for one, two, or maybe 10-times the current duration and today, instead of asking why, I pray; Why Not?

Now then, there was an intriguing paper I read on google Scholar recently titled, “Has the secret of perpetual youth been found? Researchers pinpoint chemical they say ‘has the potential to defer aging.'”

Here is the summary of the recent paper I read on Google Scholar.

  1. Researchers analysed the ageing means in both mice and roundworms
  2. These were bred with the neurodegenerative illness Ataxia-telangiectasia
  3. They found adding coenzyme NAD+ postponed ageing and lengthened lives
  4. According to the researchers, comparable effects would likely occur in humans

Longevity Research – Well then let’s mass harvest it and give it out at every hospital, school and put it in our food and pet food, as soon as we know. You see, I am really into the “Lifespan” trials, and think we can solve this problem – it would stop future wars because people would have lived through the history and then see the signs repeat, and put a squash to it.

Should we fund this research? I believe that as the “pure research” gets closer, entrepreneurs will kick-in and finance the rest, as people are willing to donate all their saved wealth for even one more year of life, one reason the medical profession does so well. When it comes to medical issues, there is free-market funding equipment, once the fundamental research shows hope. I take an online newsletter from a gentleman, nearly a Billionaire, who is funding start-ups working on this puzzle. So, by all means, let’s fund the pure-research, and get this show on the road. You see, Cancer, AIDS, Heart Disease is unfortunate and kills thousands of people, but everyone dies of old age, and I don’t believe that has to be the case.

Lengthen the telomeres, and feed the best enzymes with the right proteins and viola – should be easy to do, people could live 100s of years. Think of how grand that would be? I don’t think you’d have to pay 10s of thousands of scientists, only working with a great shot at it. Also, I wouldn’t be shocked if we have a breakthrough in this space within the next 5-years without additional funding, but government funding now would ensure it, why not? Why not move forward with a Manhattan Project Level or Moonshot Level importance. I think we’ve almost beat the cancer problem, thanks to big data, and AI, we will have it figured out, immune-therapy is making incredible strides right now.

We are making progress on diseases, but realise most are age-related, so we solve that, we’ve cut the number of infections by 3/4. It’s only a matter of time until we understand this, why not now, before our time runs out? Think about this.

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