Latest Frozen 2 Toys for Children

The sequel to Disney’s Frozen was one of the most anticipated animated movies of 2019, and of course, there were hundreds of new toys released featuring the popular characters from the movie in their new attire. With so many different Frozen 2 toys out there, it can be difficult for parents to choose something for their child. Here, we have compiled ten of the best Anna and Elsa toys, ranging from LEGO to jewelry kits, so there is sure to be something here for a little Frozen fan. 

10 Best Frozen 2 Gifts and Toys in 2020

1. Crayola Frozen 2 Art Set

If you’re looking for Frozen 2 gifts for a child who loves drawing, this Crayola set is sure to be just what they need! It comes with a range of art supplies including 10 Frozen coloring pages, 30 pieces of colorful construction paper, paints, metallic crayons, glitter glue, stamper markers, and two sheets of stickers. Everything comes in a storage case that can be reused to keep the supplies neat and tidy when they’re not being used. 

2. Activity Tote

This adorable bag is another of the best Frozen gifts for kids who love arts and crafts. The tote features Anna on one side and Elsa on the other and it comes with an activity pad, stickers, markers, magnets and a play scene to stick them on, and some foam glittery stickers. The drawing supplies and activities will keep kids busy for hours and they can use the tote to carry their belongings around even after the art supplies are used up. 

3. Forever Friends Jewelry

There are many Frozen themed toys out there, but perhaps something a little different, such as this jewelry-making kit would interest your child. It comes with more than 300 beads, some charms and a 6-feet length of elastic so it can be used to make many bracelets and necklaces to wear and share with friends. There is also a special heart charm with two halves to make a necklace for their BFF! 

4. Musical Snow Wand

If you’re looking for Frozen II toys to go with a fancy dress costume, this musical snow wand is the perfect choice! It has Anna and Elsa inside and when it is waved, the glittering snow inside will shower over them. There is a button on the wand which, when pressed, makes it play an instrumental of the song Into the Unknown from the movie. 

5. Portable Karaoke Machine

The next of our top Disney Frozen gifts is this awesome karaoke machine. It has Bluetooth connectivity so it can stream music from any compatible device for kids to sing along to. It comes with a wired microphone built-in and has colorful LED lights to make your child’s performance even better! There’s a carrying handle so the machine can easily be used anywhere. Check Price!

6. Frozen Walkie Talkies

These walkie talkies are great for kids who love role-playing or having adventures in the great outdoors! They can give one to a friend or parent and keep in touch over a distance of up to 500 feet. The Frozen characters in the center light up and the walkie talkies play sound effects from the movie as well as sending kids’ voices to one another. The sound is crystal clear and the radios have a simple push-to-talk function so even the youngest Frozen fans can easily make use of them. 

7. Ultimate Arendelle Castle

This massive Frozen castle toy stands at a whopping 5’ tall and has seven rooms to play in. There are lights and a moving balcony as well as 14 accessory pieces to furnish the castle. The castle can be played with on both sides, so it’s perfect for siblings or friends to share together. The dolls are not included and must be purchased separately. 

8. Coloring & Stickers Book 

This set comprises a frozen 2 coloring book with over 100 pages and an activity book with 80 pages, so it’s sure to keep kids busy for a while! There’s also some crayons and stampers included, as well as a sticker pad with play scenes to make up using the 1200 included stickers! 

9. Elsa Doll with Nokk 

If you’re looking for an Elsa doll from Frozen 2, how about this one bundled with Nokk, the mythical water horse? Elsa has posable limbs and long, brushable hair, whilst the horse has no moving parents. Kids will love using these Frozen 2 dolls to act out one of the most memorable scenes in the movie – when Elsa rides Nokk across the sea! 

10. LEGO Elsa’s Jewelry Box

Finishing off our list of the top 10 Frozen toys we have this frozen 2 LEGO set which has 300 pieces and is recommended for kids aged six and above. The set includes Elsa and Nokk and, when built, can be used to store your child’s special pieces of jewelry! They will love building this model and will love to display it in their room even more. 

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