Lake Louise – A Hamlet in Canadian Rockies

Lake Louise is one of the main destinations of the magnificent Banff National Park in the Alberta Rockies of Canada. Settled at the heart of the world-famous park, the lake is not only deemed appealing for its crystal clear waters but also its surroundings, made of snow-capped mountains and a huge glacier, Victoria Glacier, at its rear end. At the base of the mountain near the lake, you will find a pretty little town, which also shares the same name.

The lake location gives off a rustic ambiance; making it a suitable setting for the iconic luxury resort Chateaux Lake Louise. The upscale resort offers an excess of sports, particularly during winter. Whether it is snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating, or dog sledding, you will have a lasting winter at the resort.

With its spectacular landscape, the lake is also home to the Ski Resort, which is one of the biggest of its kind in North America. Boasting more than 4000 acres of skiable area, the definite terrain of Lake Louise allows people of every skill level to truly enjoy skiing at over 145 named runs including the progressive lines at the Lake Louise Showtime Terrain Park. You can find an abundance of long runs and gentle slopes that are perfect for beginners. But if its dare you want, you will also get it at this ski resort, as there are a plethora of glades, bowls, chutes and off-piste areas to be subdued.

For a very exciting way of exploring Lake Louise and its surrounding, why not sign up for a dog-sledding tour? Kingmik Dogsled Tours is the oldest sled company in this western region, but others offer the incredible adventure of touring around the wintertime wonderland with a group of Alaskan Huskies. Every January, the lake becomes the site of an international ice carving competition aptly named Ice Magic. Rental equipment, as well as ski and snowboard lessons, are readily available at the ski resort. The Lake Louise Ski Resort opened its doors in the first week of November and closes on the first week of May.

If for some reason, you cannot make it to Lake Louise during winter, don’t worry! With its picturesque setting, it is an astounding vacation spot all year round. When warmer months set in, you can rent a canoe and traverse the magical lake, or even try out fishing! You can also ride the gondola, during this time, all the way up the mountain for some incredible sightseeing. Another main activity during spring and summer is hiking through the lakeside path that takes you around Lake Louise. This trip will give you exceptional views of the world-famous lake. You can also take on the hurdle of hiking the many mountain trails, one of which leads to a charming tea house.

Lake Louise is about 120 miles or 186 kilometers west of the city of Calgary. From the popular town of Banff, it is about 36 miles or 56 kilometers. Thus, the nearest airport to this attraction is the Calgary International Airport. From here, you can take the airport shuttle, a bus, or rent a car to drive to Lake Louise. The tour takes about 2 hours.

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