Key Preparation Tips for SBI PO Exam

The State Bank of India is the largest Public Sector Bank in the country and candidates who are looking for a job in the banking sector, strive to join SBI. There are various posts for which exams are conducted by SBI and one of the most sought after posts is that of a Probationary Officer.

The SBI Probationary Officer or the SBI PO is a job opportunity which aspirants wish to grab to join the Organisation at the post of an Officer. Since the post and job profile is one of the best at joining level, the number of candidates who appear for the exam is also very high. Thus, increasing the competition.

So, the preparation required is also exhaustive and comprehensive. One of the best ways to prepare for the PO exam is by solving practise papers and SBI PO Mock Tests on a regular basis to understand the exam even better.

Further below, are a few tips which will help you prepare for the upcoming SBI PO exam:

  • Analyse the Syllabus – To begin with, the most important thing that a candidate must be aware of is the syllabus for the exam. Analysing the subjects which are a part of the syllabus along with the topics under each section counts as the first step towards starting your preparation. Scrutinising the syllabus well in advance will help candidates sort out a study plan for     themselves based on which the preparation can be started
  • Outline a Systematic Time Table/Study Plan – Once you are familiar with the syllabus, it is easier to apprehend the subjects of your strengths and the ones which are your weakness. Accordingly, a systematic study plan can be drawn, ensuring equal and sufficient amount of time is devoted in preparation of each topic.
  • Look for Study Material/Books Online & Offline – It is important that a Bank PO aspirant has proper study material to move forward with the preparation. This online material or books can be found both online and offline and candidates can have easy access to both. Having proper notes will help candidates study systematically without having any confusion.
  • Look for suitable Coaching/Assistance (If required) – For candidates who need assistance with their bank exam preparation, they must look for suitable Coaching Institutes which may help them clear their doubts and make the exam-related concepts much more understandable. While choosing an appropriate Coaching, keep factors like Good Faculty, Provision of detailed Study Material, average fees and an option of personal interaction with Teachers, in case of doubts, in mind.
  • Practise & Revise Regularly – The more a candidate practises, his/her efficiency level would also increase accordingly. Since the SBI PO exam is all about time management, candidates tend to make mistakes while rushing through the questions. If the candidates solve mock tests, previous year SBI PO question papers, practise papers, etc. on a daily basis, it helps them in the final examination. One must avoid losing marks to negative marking in the Probationary Officer exam.
  • Do Not Panic – The preparation for SBI PO exam can be stressful and candidates might also face failures on their way to success but at no point must a candidate start panicking as it may directly affect their preparation and the final result. Following a systematic study plan, daily revisions, regular practising of mock tests and hard work will finally give a possessive result to the candidates.

Aspirants preparing for the Bank PO exam must note that they cannot completely rely on Coaching Institutes to help them qualify the exam. Self-study is the key success for any competitive exam.

It is also suggested that candidates solve previous years SBI PO Question Papers to understand the level of exam and to apprehend the type of questions asked in the exam. Solve more of these will only help them boost their confidence.

Hope the tips given above will help candidates prepare themselves for the upcoming SBI PO recruitment and ace the Probationary Officer exam.

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