Jake Nicks leads the way by Fighting Pandemic and Giving Back Simultaneously


The lights of at least one downtown Naples 5th Avenue restaurant still shine brightly through the darkness of the pandemic driven shut-down. A local team comprised of Sail’s restaurant staff and local volunteers coordinates the nightly preparation and delivery of hundreds of nourishing meals. Each night between 150 and 300 meals are hand-delivered to the medical staff at NCH and other local facilities.

“It’s our hope to put a bounce back in everybody’s step, by letting them know that the community is behind them 100%, and that they are our heroes” says Veljko Pavicevic. As GM and co-founder of Sails Restaurant, he coordinates the preparation and boxing of the meals. “Not only are we serving high quality, nutritious meals, all of our staff who want to work are actively working.” Each boxed meal arrives hot, with freshly prepared, mostly organic and specially sourced ingredients often paired with handwritten notes of support and encouragement.

In addition to Veljko’s team preparing the meals, deliveries are coordinated by folks like Jake Nicks, a local motivational speaker, business owner and entrepreneur.

For Jake, leading a diverse team of business leaders and volunteers creates opportunity for all to do their part, even during a crisis. “I couldn’t have succeeded without the inspiration and influence of people around me who supported me in my time of need.” Nicks is no stranger to hardship.

“I know what it’s like to do without, before my business took off, I was living in my car at one point. Now I get to do my part so the people we rely on to care for our most vulnerable citizens don’t have to go without”.

Jake, Veljko and the Sails team continue to feed the front-line defense against COVID19 and invite others to join them in that support. “We deliver between 150 and 300 meals each day, our goal to consistently hit 300 while maintaining quality, promptness and freshness.” according to Nicks.

“I know what it’s like to overcome adversity when things seem dark, I know we can win this.”

At the age of 20, Jake Nicks was homeless. He came from a family that didn’t make any money and had what he calls ‘a poverty mindset.’ Jake thought he could only be successful if he went to college. He was living on his own because he didn’t have the opportunity to go back home with his parents.

For seven months, he was living in his car, and his first thought of escaping from this situation was, “I can become more than this.” This single thought helped him to survive this difficult situation. He firmly believed that if he could change his mentality, he could change his life. That’s how a new journey began for Jake.

Jake believes that the most exceptional skill each of us is born with is serving others. His philosophy in life is that when you serve well, you live well.

Jake went from being a trashman to a landscape designer to flipping houses and selling roofs. At this point in his life, he realized what he was meant to do afterward.  Life presents you the opportunities when you’re ready.

Money didn’t buy him happiness. From the time Jake was homeless, he thought If he could be a millionaire, then he would be happy. But once he actually achieved that money and the status, it never made him happy.

According to Jake, “It is about being content and happy right now, Live in the moment, and completely focus on present.”

Jake’s goal is not only to help people achieve their goals but also to see the possibilities beyond their mindset and current thinking patterns that are available to them right now. I want to share my story with people and inspire them to follow their dream and be successful humans in life.

“It’s not going to be easy, but rest assured, anybody can do this!”

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