Is Following the Latest Trends in Fashion Really Important?


It’s all over Instagram, often featured in magazines, and even TV commercials. Information on how to dress and how not to. What to wear and what not to.

The people we spend our time with tend to be excited to share their views on outfits. It’s hard to evade because the message is omnipresent, and if we don’t catch the trend, we’re told we’ve “let ourselves go.”

But does it matter? After all, the primary objective of clothing is to keep us warm and safe from the conditions surrounding us. Clothes are meant to be practical. Without fur or feathers to keep us cozy, we rely on different materials to do the job. It is nice when dresses look beautiful, but no matter how appealing something is, if it doesn’t feel welcoming on the skin and if it is a torture to wear, why should we strain ourselves under the pretext of fashion?

One fashion statement has divided women’s judgments for decades – the high heeled shoe. Some women use them because it’s usually thought that they make legs look sexy. Some wear them because they make you look taller. Some find them convenient to wear, while others can’t manage to walk more than a few steps without spraining an ankle. They can cause foot problems, leg and back pain, all in the honor of fashion. Is it worth it?

The response is not as candid as it seems. Generally speaking, the older we get, the less we care about what’s in trend and what’s out. We’ve settled on what we like to wear and what we feel relaxed in, so when we go on a shopping spree, we’re likely to get more of the same or similar. We may get the exclusive “fancy” item for particular occasions, but if we like our jeans and tees, we will return to it on a daily basis.

Like any industry, fashion is about money. The continuous change in trends that make people adjust their wardrobes throughout the year is designed to keep us spilling our cash. If fashion journals told us that the latest must-have is, in fact, the same must-have as last year, and the year before that, people would only substitute that item if it were broken or if it didn’t fit anymore. The industry works by keeping customers on their toes.

That doesn’t imply that we have to tag along. There’s no point in buying clothes because they’re stylish if we cannot afford or long to do so. Beautiful dresses can help when we want to attract a partner, but unless that partner is part of the fashion industry or someone who follows the newest trends to the dot, they’re not likely to bother all that much.

My view is to go for what you like, regardless of what the TV tells you to wear. If you want to look great, just about anything will work if it suits your body type and skin tone. If you like to dress to impress, go for it. If you want your high heels, go for it. If you like your dresses made for warmth, feel free. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve let yourself go just because you want your hooded tees. They don’t have to wear them, you do.

Everyone should be free to dress how they like. If you love what you wear, it helps you feel positive, and that’s far more beautiful than the sparkliest designer dress.

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