Interview with Murphy Thomas, the Youngest Digital Marketing Specialist at Fifteen Years Old


We had a pleasure to interview Murphy Thomas! He owns a 200k follower network of pages on Instagram. He can provide his network to any client that demands it to have their products promoted with great response.

1. Hey Murphy! Can you give us your background story?

I always thought that you can make money doing something you love, so I started an Instagram page of football highlights at 12 years old, and it’s brought me to here (15)

2. Interesting. What have been your accomplishments so far?

Having a 200k Instagram network and a 100k Tik tok network.

3. What differentiates you from everyone else in your field?

I see where people’s weak spots are and take advantage, for example, I use physiological methods like certain color ways on my posts, certain amount of words, certain hidden images etc. When I capitalize on these, it disadvantages others in my field and makes me one of the top dogs.

4. What would you say to someone jumping into entrepreneurship?

Never give up, it takes time.

5. What where’s biggest lessons you learned?

To keep my head down and stay in my own lane, don’t let others opinions differ how you do you, take risks.

6. Personal definition of success?

My definition of success would be able to live freely with no money struggles, and the same thing for my mom.

7. What is one thing you wished you knew when you started?

I wish I knew that the internet isn’t always good to you. For example I’ve been scammed multiple times.

8. Why do you think being candid about both success and failure?

I believe it’s important because if you never have a set back or failure, you’ll never learn that lesson and you will never know what would have happened.

9. What’s that best way for people to reach out to you?

The best way for someone to reach me is by Instagram dm.

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