Indian PM Modi Set To Launch Job Scheme Of $6.5 Billion For Returning Migrant Workers

The Migrant workers crisis in India has took the world by storm, as it brought to light the perils of poverty in every country. Fortunately, the ruling government in India has been taking stock of the situation and has worked with several ministries including Railway, State Governments and other welfare departments to ensure a safe journey to their homes.

Amidst several other schemes that have been launched for the welfare of migrant workers, along the lines of both financial support and employment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch a mega job scheme for migrant workers who have returned to their states. This is a much needed relief to migrant workers who lost their jobs due to coronavirus that entirely dismantled the construction industry.

The employment scheme will be launched on Saturday, June 20 from Bihar’s Khagaria district.

Accordingly, the Centre plans to roll-out the scheme in 116 districts in six states which have received the largest numbers of workers from urban centres.

Lately, a considerable number of migrant workers have returned to their states from urban and industrial centres due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.

Addressing a Curtain Raiser Press Conference on launch of Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that 25 existing schemes have been brought together to provide jobs to migrant workers.

The total amount involved in the schemes is around Rs 50,000 crore that will be used for the Rojgar Abhiyan and it will provide livelihood support for at least 125 days. The government will take a call after that if it needs to continue or not.

The skill sets of the migrant labour has been mapped and work will be allocated according to that in those districts. The districts have been chosen where migrant workers’ population is at least 25,000.

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