If I Move to Another State, Can I Bring My Air Conditioner With Me?


Technically the answer is yes you can but there are some big concerns and checks that should occur in order to achieve this. In the end, you might decide like many home movers before you, that it is easier and even in some cases more cost-effective, to just leave your air-con behind. Here are some reasons why but we will also take a look at the removalist option in case that is still on the table. Air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast is best when it comes to installation.

Central air conditioning versus portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are made to be portable so you can move those. But central air conditioning units should not be moved and that is mostly because of the danger the air conditioning refrigerant poses. There are flexible lines that are delicate and are very easy to damage that are for the refrigerant chemical. When you move an air conditioner it is essential that the chemical is drained into a suitable container. Putting this into a moving truck is risky and then there is the problem of finding a place to dispose of it as it is classed as hazardous waste. Instead, you could find a great company to do a new Perth split aircon installation in your new home.

With window or portable units, you can use interstate removalists Perth to Sydney to move it with you, but it does still need specialised packing and careful handling. They are heavy and difficult to move without proper lifting equipment and damage can happen. A good idea when you get to your new home if you have moved air conditioning with you is to hire a technician to examine and set it up to make sure it is safe to use. They can also give it a clean and some maintenance checks at the same time.

Consider the costs

The process of moving an air conditioner to another state could end up costing enough extra that it makes more sense to find installers for Perth split aircon installation and get a new system. Moving central air conditioners takes expertise and you will need an air conditioner technician that has experience and training as well as movers who have the required experience too. Remember there is not just a single unit there are at least two portions and the combined weight makes it difficult.

If you have installed a new AC and then made the decision to move, it is probable you can get some of your money back in the pricing of your home. While usually, air conditioning does not have an impact on real estate value, a new system could be considered attractive to buyers.

Call in reliable and experienced movers

If despite the risk to the air conditioner you decide to move it, make sure you find interstate removalists Perth to Sydney, who have experience with doing it. Look for reliability, a good reputation, the right equipment and a professional attitude.

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