How to name your paintings?

One thing that painters like to do is to name their favorite sketches and paintings. In a way, this encourages them psychologically to take control of their work. It is also a feeling of satisfaction, an appeal internally to the outside world; look at what I imagined. In the means of naming a newly created work, the artist says to themselves, this is great, pure, and it must have a name. They are pleased with what they have done and typically speaking, if they name it, and consider it to be that level of quality, it usually is. After all, the artist is always their own most rigid critic.

Now then, lately, I talked to a very talented artist who had done a quite good charcoal sketch of a bank with futuristic security with a robotic head, and The artist named the sketch; “Power Bank.”

She told me that you could tell a lot about a place by its’ architecture. You can study their management, how they take care of the security, and even their way of life. I thought about that, and I also admitted. Interestingly enough, I am also a wannabe interior designer years ago, quite a good one. I stared at the painting of the bank’s aesthetics and imagined myself; “I like that sketch very much, and I like the style she gave it.”‘

Why? Well, because, I can assure you that after watching tonnes of crime series on Netflix in college, I understand the lapses in bank security.

There is something absurd about that because, during any bank robbery, the security is top-notch. However, bank robbers are almost always triumphant in breaking in and emptying the bank lockers with ease.

That’s why you need security that cannot be penetrated. The bank must be appropriately secured, or in other words, the protection must be ‘powerful.’

‘Power Bank’ can save bank millions and save us from another TV series or movie on a bank robbery.

So, her name for that sketch is perfect! When a poor design can bring back those sentiments, it’s good enough to name. What do you think?

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