How To Love Yourself And Finding Comfort In Your Own Skin

“stop imitating someone you want to be” 


It took me 23 years to accept myself and realise this fact.

Accepting Yourself  

After all these years , we forget to accept ourselves for what we have. According to Shephard (1979) self-acceptance is really important for being mentally and physically strong. One cannot move forward without being self-accepted. No matter what, we have to make our mind and body feel relaxed and happy for everything that we have.  When we start accepting ourselves slowly, we see a process of evolution. Acceptance should start from inside – that your body and mind should tune for your own strengths and weaknesses. You should start enjoying your own happiness and believe that you are made absolutely beautiful and strong.

Loving Yourself 

You say this word called “love” to every other person close to your heart, but you forget to say it to you. Start saying “I love myself”. Let it be loud enough. Compliment yourself. Don’t worry about what people think of your appearance or you – just let it go. Take deep breaths and chant this slowly, when people make fun of the way you look and do not give up. Be kind to yourself. Practice standing in front of the mirror and give a big smile to yourself every night, exhaling deeply. Trust me, you will start feeling great as the days go by. Watch out for things that are disturbing you from within. Steering clear from subjects that make you feel insecure will actually help. 

Believe it till you make it 

Believe that you should be what you are and if you want to make few changes and evolve, learn to accept and know the fact that you have to work extremely hard for what you dream. Stop trying to imitate someone you want to be. Find your unique qualities. Be grounded and humble till you make it and even after. Make yourself strong enough to face your failures. Always remember the point where you started. You may feel extremely low, but keep up your balance. Keep self-check triggers like observing your progress.

Mantra – Body, Mind, Soul

Inner peace is the most beautiful thing that a human can ever experience. Always try letting go and moving on. Keep your body and mind relaxed. Do not stress for toxic things. Talk to yourself. It is extremely important for one to balance their body, mind and soul. Meditation helps us reach there. Finding happiness in small things like going on a walk, helping your mom at work, achieving your goals can make your attitude towards life phenomenally better.  


The best time you can spend is on giving yourself a break at regular intervals. It helps you realise, rethink and heal. Take long showers, put on nice clothes, get ready, sing for yourself, play some nice music, cook your favourite food, watch something you like (preferably something that adds more joy to your mood), talk to someone you love, have a good night’s rest. There are people who love travelling alone, some like dancing. Do whatever gives you the best feeling with no regrets.


It is quite essential for one to know the value of life and how these little things can make great changes. Gratitude unshackles us from toxic emotions. Thanking every now and then helps us feel more positive and motivated. Some might be introverted and they can have a gratitude journal where they can write what makes them feel innately happy. Writing down on a gratitude journal always keep you in a happy place subconsciously. It has lasting effects on your brain as the experts say. When you know the way to balance your fears emotionally, you can target for external challenges.

The day you find your own strengths and try working on them till the end, that’s the day you will have the most satisfaction and true happiness to keep you strong, bold and beautiful.

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