How To Fit Overland Essentials Into a Compact 4X4

Overlanding is an exciting way to see what your off-road vehicle is capable of and exploring a new part of your state, country or the world. However, there never seems to be enough room for all your truck overlanding gear. Whether you’re cruising with multiple friends or simply have a compact 4×4, find out how you can shop for essentials that turn a small space into a big adventure.

Think Small

You’re going to get used to looking for the most compact equipment around. Think like a climber or hiker and look at your items in terms of weight and space to think creatively about ways to cut down on the excess. Look at the temperature ranges of your overland adventure and pack clothing and sleeping bags accordingly. You may not have the space to fit all those extra just-in-case outfits and conveniences.

Look for lanterns, tables, shovels and other essentials that can be purchased in smaller sizes. A folding shovel may not be convenient for all-day digging, but for your purposes it will do the job in much less space. Look for compact camping cookware to save space while still serving up tasty trail food. You may have to be creative about a few items, but in general you should have the space you need for your must-have items.

Don’t Skimp on the Essentials

There are a few areas where you shouldn’t think smaller is better. You need water, food and gas. Your overland adventure will soon turn into an emergency without these three key resources, so don’t skimp on them. Plan how many days you’re going to spend between water refill stations. Throw in a day or two extra in case of an emergency and find space for all that water. Do the same calculations for gas and food. Even the most compact 4×4 needs to find enough room to carry food, water and fuel before hitting the trail.

Pack an emergency kit that covers all the basics. You can fit plenty of life-saving items in a compact kit, but don’t skimp on this part of your planning. The contents of your kit may change depending on your route. Determine whether you need first aid for poisonous animals, sub-zero temperatures or other regional dangers. Pack plenty of bandages, gauze and other basic first aid materials for any scuffs, scrapes or injuries on the trail.

Other essentials don’t necessarily take up space, so they’re worth investing in quality options. High-quality wheels and all terrain rims make all the difference when you’re deep into a desert ride or mud-covered forest trail. Select the best aftermarket options for your rims, exhaust, headlights, wipers and other features.

Look for Space-Saving Storage Options

While less is more, there are a few purchases that can make the most of your space. Shop for space-saving storage containers and organizers to better use your space. Roof top tents for Jeeps, storage cubes, roof-top carriers and other storage options actually make your compact ride feel larger. Shop for these and other essential accessories before you take on your next overland adventure.

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