How To Clean An Electric Razor?


How to clean an electric razor? It is the frequently asked question by a user who believes that using a dirty razor is harmful to the skin. But, if you don’t know about the harmfulness of using a dirty razor, let’s first talk about this.

An unsanitary electrical razor causes allergy and many other skin diseases. There is a probability of cutting your skin if you use the dull blade. Now, how does a razor become so dangerous?

It is the heavy use of razor that makes its blade dull very quickly. Also, the hair and skin cells stuck in the razor makes the blade unsanitary. Consequently, it creates an effect on the performance of the razor.

Electric razors are portable devices and convenient to use. They work a hundred times better than manual razors. Moreover, an electric razor takes a longer time than a manual razor. But its long-time effectiveness depends on the Electrical shaver cleaning solution.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to clean the electrical trimmer. Follow us to increase the durability and effectiveness of your electrical trimmer. Let’s get started!

How to clean an electric razor for cutting

Do you want to continue your shaving without having any irritation in your skin? Then, you must clean and maintain your electrical trimmer timely. For that, you must know how to clean an electric razor.

Here we have provided the consecutive guidelines of cleaning an electrical trimmer. Make sure to apply them when cleaning your trimmer.

Step 1: Inspect the defects.

First of all, take some and inspect your trimmer thoroughly. If you start cleaning a defective trimmer, then the device may become worse. So, before starting the cleaning, make sure there is no crack in your electric razor.

Step 2: Disassemble the electric razor.

Afterward, go to the sink of your washroom and disassemble all the removable parts of the trimmer. This step will assist in cleaning each part of the razor thoroughly. Use a screwdriver to disassemble the electric razor.

Please make sure the device is unplugged, and its activation switch is off before start.

Step 3: Bring out the blade.

Blade is the most important part of an Electric razor. Therefore, to clean your electrical trimmer, first, you need to know how to clean shaver blades. After shaving, bring out the blade from the trimmer and go to the further cleaning process.

Step 4: Brush the blade.

Almost all the electric razors come with a mini brush. Use the brush to clean the blade of the razor thoroughly. Make sure not a single corner of the blade is left unbrushed.

Surprisingly, the mini brush brings out the dead skin and hair from the blade swiftly.

Step 5: Wash out the blade.

Wash out the blade with clean water. Remember, some trimmer doesn’t include a washable blade. So, before washing your trimmer’s blade, see the cautious over the packet. Make sure water doesn’t harm the device.

Step 6: Let the blade dry.

It is time to dry your trimmer’s blade. Let the electrical cutter dry for some time. It is essential before applying the commercial cleaning spray.

Step 8: Use a commercial cleaning spray

The commercial cleaning spray lubricates the trimmer’s blade. Indeed, the smoothness enhances the effectiveness of an electrical trimmer. So, apply the cleaning spray on the razors when they get dry.

Step 7: Shake the trimmer to bring out the dirt

Keep the blade aside. Now, please pick up the trimmer and shake it mildly in the basin. This step will bring out all the dirt and debris from the trimmer.

Step 9: Reassemble the electric razor

Finally, you have done cleaning the electrical trimmer. It is time to resemble the removed parts. Fix the trimmer and make the trimmer like it was before with the screwdriver.

It is quite tough to select and buy an electric shaver that performs excellently. But it is trickier to clean the shaver who doesn’t know how to clean an electric razor. Believe us! It is pretty much easier to clean a trimmer when you follow our guidelines. Learn more here

How to maintain your electric razor?

Indeed, cleaning the electric razor makes it a high performing device. So, you must know and apply all the necessary steps to maintaining your electric razor. How to maintain your electric razor? Now, let’s discuss this.

  • Shake the trimmer after each use

The electric razor accumulates dead skin and hair after using it. Indeed, it disrupts further using the device. To enhance its longevity, you must shake the trimmer after each use. It will discard the dirt from the razor.

  • Install new parts in the trimmer

The cutting parts of the trimmer get rusted within 1-1.5 years. To increase the lifespan of the trimmer, you better change the blades every 18-24 months.

  • Clean the razor in every week

Weekly maintenance doesn’t let the trimmer become dull. Isn’t it good? So, clean your trimmer at least once in a week by removing all its removable parts.

  • Unplug the razor

You must consider the safety issues while cleaning as it is an electrical device. Don’t forget to unplug the trimmer before dissembling. 

Remember, an active electrical razor may cause an undesired accident by cutting your skin.

The sum up!

Eventually, a clean razor is important to have clean and hygienic hair removal. Moreover, people want their electric shaver to run for a long time. Needless to say, how important is maintaining your electric razor timely.

That’s why some people frequently ask how to clean an electric razor? Most probably, they want to ensure the safe cleaning of their electrical device. Certainly, we have provided easy guidelines for cleaning and maintaining your electrical device. These will make your trimmer clean only a few times. 

As you can see, it is pretty much easy to clean a filthy electrical razor. So, if you have a rough trimmer, then don’t neglect to lubricate it. Maintaining a trimmer is the best option of having a well-performing electric razor.

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