How To Choose The Right Fonts For Social Media Quotes Design

Graphics and letters when handled by a skillful designer leads to LOGO. Fonts, colour choice and font choice play a major role in the future of logo.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular logo fonts

There are a number of font logos on the internet. Irrespective of the thing whether you are creating your own logo with a logo creator or getting designed by a professional designer your logo will symbolize your brand and will have a major role in the future of your company, thus let’s have a look at different types of logo font in the market –


If you want your logo to speak highly of your business, then make sure that it is minimal and quite clear. Keep reading below –

  • Proxima Nova – This is a professional font by adobe fonts. This is straight, simple and crisp at the same time. There are more than 40 font styles in the market. There is an geometrical element to this font as well. even there are different options for weights and style with this font.
  • TT Commons – This is powdered with 22 styles. With low contrast strokes and elegant geometric designs, this is one of the best font style. With smooth curves and elegant lines, this font style is highly recommended in the fashion circles.


In case you want your logo to have an artistic feel and touch then we have got that covered for you through the font styles. But please make sure that you should not go overboard with this and still the essence of your logo is rightly conveyed.

  • Bambusa Pro – This is a highly elegant font style. Very creative and speaks volume about the logo. This font style is quite new and will be highly appreciated in the design circles.
  • Steak – A bohemian font style. You would find a huge variety here and this is perfect right from food and beverages to much more.


Let’s have a look at the top fonts like – Toblerone, Spartan Golf Club, Barcode, Sony Vaio. All of them have a unique and simple design and a hidden message among them. Graphics are also seen to be playing a major role in the font styling.

  • Futuracha – Here you can enjoy a futuristic vibe. This open type font is designed by a Greek expert who loves to experiment with the words.
  • Horizon – This is a neat and creative font style which will definitely bring back memories of Star War days. This can be used in magazines, solo artists, production houses and a number of other places.
  • Cool – A cool font style is directly related to the younger generation. So, if the target market for your brand is the younger crowd, then you should definitely go for this font style.
  • Revista – This is a cool and classy font style which will draw everyone’s attention. There are 20 different font styles here with different degree of weights and colour options here. You would love to play with them.

Inspiration quotes

Inspirational quotes are quite important when it comes to logo and font styling. Inspirational quotes are already known by the public and thus if you are looking to give them a new name and look then you are going to have a tough time. Make sure that you are good and quite particular about your font styling. Also, make sure that which kind of styling are you looking for? Be clear in your mind as to what do you want to convey with inspirational quotes. And if the message and font styling is clear and precise then inspirational quotes would prove to be quite useful for you.

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