How To Choose A Psychic That’s Right For You


So you’ve decided to indulge in a psychic reading, good on you. Now the question is, how do you choose a psychic that’s right for you?

With many thousands of psychics and clairvoyants scattered around the globe, all offering multiple reading options at various price points, you can be forgiven for being a little unsure on how to go about finding one that is a good fit for you.

Well, the truth is there’s no exact formula for finding the perfect psychic that’s right for you, but here are some questions you should ask yourself and things you should do before committing to any particular psychic. Also, get the best online psychic readings here and know more about it!

1 – What Do You Want From Your Reading?

Ask yourself, what is it that you want to get from the reading. 

Are you looking for contact with your loved ones who have passed? 

Do you need some guidance and empowerment, or are you hoping to find a clairvoyant that will predict your future?

No psychic is the same. Each will specialise in different areas and have different strengths. Some psychics specialise in bringing in messages from loved ones past (mediumship), some specialise in connecting in with your soul, and provide you with gentle guidance for your life. 

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2 – Google Away!

Once you’ve decided what it is you want from your reading, jump on Google and search away. 

Generally, the psychics listed on the first page are experienced & highly-regarded by Google, but that shouldn’t stop you from scrolling well into the second or even third pages to find potential options. 

Look through their websites and notice if it looks professional?

Is there a photo of the psychic? 

Do they look friendly and approachable? 

Do you feel drawn to a particular person?

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3 – Do You Connect With Their Wording?

Read through the words they have written, do you like the way they express themselves, what do you feel when you read their words?

Uplifted, Excited, Emotional, Creeped out? 

Their style of writing will be an accurate representation of the way they will communicate with you, so you want someone who leaves you feeling empowered and positive. 

4 – Check Reviews & Ask For Recommendations 

Check out their reviews, and not just the reviews on their website. 

Jump on their social media platforms or their google account, these reviews are unable to be edited and will be a true reflection of their services. 

Also, reach out and ask your friends and family if they have had any good experiences with a particular psychic, word of mouth recommendations are excellent!

5 – Check What Type Of Readings Are Available.

Generally, psychics will offer a combination of different options from face to face, email, online zoom/skype, or even telephone readings. What makes you feel the most comfortable & what is most convenient for you? 

In your search, you will likely notice several Psychic Hotlines, who charge by the minute. Sadly most of these people are highly trained to keep you on the phone for extended periods of time and therefore charging you as much as possible. 

There are telephone readings available from reputable psychics, but these will be charged as a set fee, rather than by the amount of time they can keep you on the phone. 

The most common type of reading is where you meet with your psychic face to face, but email, telephone & online reading options are handy for taking your location out of the equation. You have the chance to connect with any particular psychic you want, whereas in-person limits you to those within travelling distance of you. 

6 – What About Pricing?

The cost of psychic readings can range anywhere from $50 – $600.

Most websites will openly advertise their pricing, while others you will need to contact first to get an estimate.   

Pricing isn’t always indicative of the quality of reading you will receive though, so don’t automatically assume that a psychic who charges $300 for a reading is going to connect with you and give you more joy than someone only charging $100.

Choose whom you feel comfortable with that is within your budget. 

All in all, you are best to look around, do your research, read reviews and in the end, go with your intuition. 

Written By Janelle Bridge – Psychic Medium in Melbourne/Geelong

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