How Often Should You Get a New Motorcycle Helmet?

Ask just about any rider or motorcycle expert and you’ll hear that your helmet should be replaced every five years. This general rule seems to apply to just about every make and model of helmet. Explore the reasons behind this guideline and find out when men’s and women’s motorcycle helmetsare ready to be retired and replaced.

Invest in a Helmet That Will Last

There are many factors that affect the lifespan of your lid. Some factors aren’t changeable, while others are in your control. Here are some reasons why you should replace your helmet every five years:

  • Resins, glues and other materials break down
  • Helmets wear out through heavy use
  • Major and minor impacts compromise durability

You can’t prevent materials from breaking down over time. While it’s a rough approximation, five years is about as long as even a high-quality helmet can reliably protect you. The other factors are typically within your control and are affected by the quality of helmet you choose. Shop for motorcycle helmets that last through heavy use and stay safe and comfortable throughout the full five years.

All helmet padding breaks down, so choose a helmet type that is the most comfortable at the start. A comfortable helmet not only keeps you safe but also provides long-lasting comfort.

If you’re riding hard and using a budget helmet frequently, you may find that it doesn’t last five years. Low-quality helmets aren’t meant for heavy use and will quickly become unsafe. Look for signs of wear, such as compacted padding. By investing in a durable helmet you can extend the lifespan of this essential piece of gear.

Stylish and Weather Resistant Motorcycle Helmets

Long-lasting helmets should be stylish and weather resistant. If you’re wearing the same helmet for your bike for five years, you want to make sure it looks great. Choose a helmet that fits your other gear and your riding style. You don’t want to select a pattern, fit or style that you’re going to get tired of in just a year or two.

Weather resistance is another critical factor in helmet lifespan. Heavy rain, mud spray or other weather damage can quickly degrade your helmet. Once your helmet starts leaking and allowing mud to be thrown all over your face, it’s time to shop for a new one. A leak-free helmet is important for your comfort and safety.

Maintenance and routine cleaning can help your helmet hit that five-year mark. Proper cleaning tools and practices help prevent odd smells from your foam padding. They’ll also prevent scratches on your face shield so you can keep seeing the road clearly and comfortably.

Shop for a New Motorcycle Helmet

Don’t retire a five-year helmet after just two or three years of rugged use. Shop online to find a high-quality helmet that’s built to last. Compare leading brands and styles to see for yourself how you can take on the next road trip or backcountry trail with confidence. Learn about helmet styles, how to clean a motorcycle helmet and where to turn for an affordable, long-lasting helmet.

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