Defining a gaming monitor

Also known as a gaming rig or gaming PC, a gaming computer can be described as a personal computer that has been primarily designed to play those video games which require considerable computing power. When compared to a mainstream computer, a gaming computer comprises of a gaming monitor which is driven by a high core-count CPU, generous amount of RAM and a high-performance video card. As the main focus of a gaming monitor is raw performance, its build seeks to sacrifice power efficiency. A gaming monitor is not only an asset for gamers, it equally enhances video editing jobs and watching movies online. With the increasing popularity of gaming PCs worldwide, more and more manufacturers are offering gaming monitors targeted towards video gamers who won’t settle for anything less than the best.

The importance of gaming monitor in a gaming PC

Although other features in a gaming PC are important, the importance of gaming monitors in a gaming PC cannot be underestimated as this is where all the action takes place. Some important characteristics that a gaming monitor requires for a quality gaming experience include panel technology, refresh rate, quality of the picture, the quality of color palette, the quality of the images, lag time, and so on.  There are many manufacturers of gaming monitors in 144hz monitor reviews who cater to different segments of the market and this difference is based on budget, the level of the technology, the resolution of the screen and the size of the screen. The technology differs from one model to another, and one brand from another in the market. So, when choosing the best gaming monitor, you need to focus especially on the high refresh rate, an HD screen resolution or possibly 1440p or 4K resolution, and ensure that your graphic card has enough power to run games at HD, 1440p or 4K resolutions. The sweet spot for gaming presently is a 144Hz gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution. This configuration offers gamers the smoothest of visuals without any stutter, ideal for online competitive gaming.

How to select the best gaming monitor?

Selecting the best possible gaming monitor for gaming set-up at home is now easy due to the availability of a plethora of gaming monitor models. One of the best ways to shortlist the best monitor is to read about 144hz monitor reviews available online. Also, if you select a larger screen size such as 32” or more, it’s always recommended that you select a monitor which has 1440p resolution at least since 1080p in large gaming monitors will not give you a crisp image. Reading about gaming monitor under 200 reviews will definitely help you a lot in finalizing the perfect model.


No doubt a powerful graphic card and at least 8GB of RAM is also a prerequisite for running a gaming monitor. However, for gaming enthusiasts worldwide, a gaming monitor is the heart of immersive gaming experience. The best way to choose the best gaming monitor is by running your eyes over gaming monitor under 200 reviews written by technology experts in top tech sites such as Gizmodo, Endgadget, AnandTech or

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