How can customer success survey take your business to another level?

Customer success has been in demand for the past few years. Check out the Google Trends and you will searches of customer success rising consistently. 

But the term may confuse people who don’t anything about it! Is it like customer support? No, customer success managers have the responsibility to manage relations with your clients, customers. 

An overview on customer success

As you know a company has different types of clients. Clients differ depending on their level of independence, product/ service they use, and money they spend on your services. Your customer success team focuses on those clients who either pay above a particular amount or have the potency to do so.

They function as the point person to these customers and manage relationship with them to deliver long term business results. It involves knowing what every client is looking for and then providing them right guidance so that they can effectively meet their goals.

Customer success manager: backbone of customer success

The complete responsibility lies on the shoulders of customer success manager. They handle the day-to-day engagements with customers “onboarding”, quarterly check-ins, renewals and creating extra sales opportunities. The duties of a customer sales manager differ from one organization and industry to another. Here are some things to consider while defining their role:

  • Whether to segregate customer success managers to specialization:

If every customer success manager will have all the info to deal with clients of all shapes and size, their work will get overwhelming! To avoid this, management can pick areas to focus for customer success managers. 

  • Whether they should go for customer success survey

The customer success team has to do several customer success survey which involves relationship satisfaction survey, transaction satisfaction survey etc. It helps them to save time and resources and collect valuable information about customer preferences easily on a continuous basis. 

  • Whether every customer success manager has the duty to secure revenue

In simple words, choosing whether to allow them close renewals and to go for additional sales opportunities from their customers or not

How does customer success offer value to your company?

Every customer success manager tries to keep your clients engaged. It is because engaged clients are likely to go for renewals.

If you just increase the customer retention by 5%, your company’s revenue can go as high as 95%. And customer success survey plays a vital role in the retention of the clients. Thus, this is the reason why a lot of customer success managers prefer to go for surveys, every year!

Customer success managers also affect the reputation of your company. A negative customer experience can be shared with an average of 16 people. As peer to peer recommendations have gained pace, it worsens the repute of your company.

Customer success is here to stay. It delivers value not just to client but to your business too. So, make sure you include it in your organization soon. They have a big hand in your success. 

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