Gemini Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020



Be the person you are during this week! Positive, enthusiastic and outgoing! Do not allow minor disturbances to curb your original personality. A few old memories of long lost friends may disturb you emotionally during this week. For matters of the heart, learn to forgive and forget! Do not cling on to an opinion and be adamant about your views. Imposing yourself upon your beloved will only worsen the situation. If you give enough space to your partner, your relationship with your beloved will be absolutely blissful! There is a distinct possibility of receiving a surprise gift from your partner as well!


Planetary influences are very favourable for students during this week. They will be able to retain their maximum focus and concentration. Academics and sincere studies will remain their top priority, exactly the way it should be! Students will be upon the correct path of their chosen career. They will do everything within their power to get good results. Teachers and mentors will give you very important advices and tips. Every word of advice will be its weight in gold! Technology students will be presented with very good opportunities to pursue advanced studies. Students will perform outstandingly well and will pleasantly surprise their friends and family!


You will need to be extra cautious in regards to your health. You will be annoyed with some minor issues pertaining to your skin. If it bothers you too much, visit a dermatologist. A soothing facial treatment and spa will also work wonders for your skin! Hypertension patients will need to be careful and closely monitor their pressure levels during this period. Adopt a punctual lifestyle and do not deprive yourself from taking adequate rest. Avoid spicy junk food and stick to nutritious meals. Regular cardiovascular exercises will help you remain fit. Old ailments that you had been suffering from, may crop up during this week. Be careful!


This week seems to be offering mixed results as far as matters pertaining to finance and money are concerned. You will need to be very careful about every aspect pertaining to your finance. Businessmen may face slight difficulties managing their finances during this time. On an average, your financial inflow will be very satisfactory. Your assets will start growing gradually with each passing day. The week seems to be financially lucrative, especially for architects. Take advantage of the good financial inflow. Make hay while the sun shines! Focus upon saving money for the future for your own safety as well as the safety of your loved ones!


This is an excellent week as far as your career and business growth are concerned. Salaried employees will work very diligently throughout the entire week. Their colleagues will appreciate them and they will be equally applauded by seniors at work. Businessmen will be presented with excellent growth opportunities and profitable deals during this week. This is going to be a very favourable week if you are planning expansion of your business. Not only will you grow professionally, your income will also substantially increase during this time. Planetary influences will bestow upon you ample rewards for your hard work, diligence and perseverance during this time!

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