Gemini Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020


What a beautiful week this is for your relationship equations as well as your love life! Your compatibility ratio with your beloved will hit Nirvana. You will experience a strong emotional attachment with your partner. Singles who have been thinking of proposing their loved one can do so without any issue during this week. There is a distinct possibility of such a proposal being accepted. Your love life will be full of affection and warmth. Your married life will be so blissful, you will feel like going out and celebrating with your spouse. Married couples will have an amazing time together.


Students will need to think of all possibilities prior choosing a particular stream or subject for higher studies. They will need to retain their focus and concentration under all circumstances. They absolutely must retain their undivided attention towards academics. Students appearing for competitive examinations will do outstandingly well during this week. Although, a lot of hard and sincere work will be required. In all possibility, you will feel tired, fatigued and mentally stressed. During times of such stress, we recommend that you practice meditation, which is a great stress buster! Extra-curricular activities are important, but students must not divert themselves from mainstream academics.


A healthy routine will be your mantra this week. Adopt a punctual lifestyle and do not deprive yourself from taking adequate rest. Diabetes patients should be very cautious during this time and keep a regular tab over their sugar levels. Refrain from eating roadside junk and spicy foods. We say so because there is a possibility of digestive system or liver disorders with excessive cholesterol. Eat foods that are nutritious and easy to digest. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Pursue a hobby of your interest. Regular cardiovascular exercises will help you remain physically and mentally fit. Routine check-ups will help eliminate any future complications.


This week is excellent for matters pertaining to your finance and money. New roads for generation of financial inflow will reveal itself. You will be blessed with excellent financial stability during this week. Investment in the stock market will also give you great results. However, do not go over the edge and take too many risks. Businesses involving tours and travels will do amazingly well. Do not take any financial decisions in a hurry. Think about all involved factors prior considering new investments. Investments made in the past will yield sweet fruits of returns. If you get a good offer, the week is favourable for selling real estate.


This is going to be a very appropriate week for considering new opportunities that come your way. Businessmen who have been thinking about starting a new joint venture project, can do so without any hesitation during this time. As opposed to businessmen, salaried employees may not get too many growth opportunities. Although, the week will favour those who want to get themselves transferred to another location or city. The week is particularly favourable for marketing personnel. They will be able to expand the horizons of their sales territories successfully. Do not take undue risks to boost your career. As the proverb goes, slow and steady wins the race!

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