Gemini Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June, 2020



Overall, this is a fantastic week for your relationship equations and love life! There is a distinct possibility of going on tours or picnic with your friends and family and having a lot of fun! We highly recommend that you follow the suggestions of your parents during this week. These suggestions will certainly have miraculously wonderful results! Singles in a serious relationship who have been thinking about getting married can tie the marital knot without any hesitation during this period. There is every possibility of long distance relationships growing into a much closer one. The romance and trust between married couples will be outstanding you beautiful!


This week has to offer a mixed bag of fruits for students. Students may be faced with a lot of confusions during this time. Those intending to pursue higher education overseas will be in a state of mental dilemma. This could leave them feeling directionless. Strangely, students may be more interested in studying subjects that are not a part of their standard syllabus. They could have a particular liking towards subjects related to science and technology. Students pursuing higher education like post-graduation, especially master’s degree, will do outstandingly well during this week! We recommend students to practice meditation in times of stress.


On an average, you are going to be blessed with good physical and mental health during this week. No major health issues are foreseen. Although, you will need to be a little cautious about health matters pertaining to your children or elders of the family. Change is the spice of life! Liberate yourself from the daily humdrum routine and try to do something completely new! Pursue a hobby of your interest. Refrain from eating roadside junk and spicy foods. We say so because there is a possibility of a minor stomach ache or heartburn due to excessive acidity. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will be your mantra this week.


This week seems to be very positive with matters pertaining to finance and money. You could consider making systematic investments during this week. Think about investing in an insurance policy that covers major risks. You could also consider investing in mutual funds or other systematic investment plans. Although, we strongly recommend that you do not invest upon hearsay. Consult with your financial advisor prior investing in any of the above options. There is also a distinct possibility of availing monetary support from elders of the family during this period. Try to curtail unwanted expenses and focus upon saving for a brighter tomorrow!


This is not a favourable week to get innovative. Businessmen should avoid launching new ventures during this week as planetary influences do not seem to be favouring the same. There is a distinct possibility of incurring losses if such new ventures are launched during this time. Try to postpone the same for a more favourable time to come. Salaried employees should make maximum use of advice given by seniors at work. They may face some minor obstacles in routine work. Seniors and colleagues at work will help salaried employees regain their lost confidence and will co-operate with them wherever necessary.

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