Follow these simple steps to Maintain a Pristine Environment after lockdown eases

There is nothing sadder than seeing garbage blowing down the street of your neighborhood, or discovering broken shards of glass at the regional swimming hole where children play. Wildlife is just as exposed to garbage and many have lost their lives after becoming trapped in waste or mistaking garbage for food. It is up to each of us to make an effort to reduce this ugly, and sometimes hazardous, problem. Covid-19 was an eye-opener for us. We were forced to live indoor to avoid death. Now, it’s our time to change our approach towards nature.

Animals, wind, and traffic breezes put legs to obscure garbage and are able to spread it great distances from the original source. The first thing that we can do to stop this is to assure trash can and dumpster lids are safe. Metal and plastic trashcans are more preventative than bags – leaving a bag out overnight or even for several hours, is an enticing offer for stray animals to wreak havoc. When taking a load to the dump, be sure that it is securely capped by tightly binding a tarp over the load with some rope or bungee cords.

Carry reusable shopping bags on your walks to clean up litter that you find along the way. Often, people are compensated for their efforts by the deposits returned from bottles and cans. Those who have seen your efforts will begin taking up the same habit once they understand the impact it has.

Report any dumping you observe, whether it was done illegally or unintentionally – just get the license number and leave the rest to the officials. Also, state any site where garbage has been left by others. These problems can be reported to the local city, highway, public works, or conservation office. Ask them to arrange for it to be cleaned up.

By doing these comparatively small actions, we limit contamination and injuries to people or wildlife in the area. When dividing recyclable items, we keep a precious resource out of the landfill. In addition, we reserve a pristine environment for citizens, tourists, and wildlife to experience. We can all take pride in knowing that by putting garbage in its place, we are making the world just a little more suitable for everyone.

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