Exploring Untouched Nature in Mauritius


If you think Mauritius is all about the tropical climate, the spotless beaches, and fascinating beachside resorts and hotels, then you need to re-think the concept of what makes holidays in Mauritius truly unusual, and that is – nature, at its most splendorous, magnificent and untouched.

Mauritius is one of the greenest and most scintillatingly gorgeous getaway locations in the world. The many wildlife parks and reserves are part of the appeal of Mauritius; a kind of appeal that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re a nature lover. Mauritius’nature and wildlife sanctuaries let travelers address wildlife and witness nature in the greatest glory of the natural kingdom.

Black River Gorges National Park sits in the central highlands and is an extended forest refuge of native flora and fauna with 60 kilometers of misty hiking trails, and possibly the world’s most spectacular waterfalls. Temperatures in the park are remarkably cooler than other parts of the island and there are very discrete microclimates throughout the park itself – ranging from the upland forests’ rainy damp conditions to the predominantly dry lowland forests.

The wildlife within the park is colorful and lively with pink pigeons, brilliantly colored kestrels, the playfully mischievous Macaque monkeys, Mauritian echo-parakeets, and the often recognizable white-tailed tropicbirds portrayed on the symbol for Air Mauritius. There are around 150 varieties of endemic plants and 9 rare bird species in this region. Ornamental trees can be seen along the hiking trail like the unusual umbrella-shaped Bois de Natte, the Traveller’s Palm tree with its large flat paddle-like leaves, and an assortment of lichens, ferns, orchids, and seasonably-edible Chinese Guava trees. The dramatic landscape, with intertwined mountains overlooking the colored waters of the lagoon and AlexandraFalls, makes for an especially stunning view from the Black River Gorges viewpoint.

The Casela Yemen Nature Reserve, near Flic en Flac in West Mauritius, offers something for the tourist attempting things a bit more strange. Hiking trails and walking trails are abundant but the Casela Yemen Nature Reserve offers the optional extra of having lions walk the trails with you. This nature reserve is where many diverse African and Asian animals, even lions and tigers together, call home.

Last, but certainly not least, if walking with lions isn’t your thing, The Botanical Gardens in Pamplemousses showcases wonderfully tree-lined avenues throughout the gardens, picturesque bridges over waters, and lush green lawns that lead you to the magnificent lake’s edge for a tranquil, relaxing, tranquil escape. If you’re excited about nature, Mauritius will reward you with a more tangible value than you thought.

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