Evergreen Hip Hop Dance Moves to Explore


Class, Energy, and Freedom- Hip Hop offers them all. In one of my previous creative pieces, I covered the introduction to Hip-Hop Dancing. Today, let’s take a look at some of the more famous hip hop moves over time.

Stanky Legg

This dance step is the most straightforward of all hip hop dance moves. The movement includes rotating the dancers’ leg in a circular motion and then shuffling to the opposite leg. It also uses steps from “The Dougie.”

The Dougie

This dance is from the song “Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag District. While there are several variations of how to do “The Dougie,” here are necessary steps to the dance:

Sway to one side and pause for a beat while putting your weight on foot on the side you’re leaning towards. As you proceed to sway, your arms should be by your side, bringing them up towards you in a fist in a counter-clockwise circular motion, one at a time, until your arm is bent with your elbow facing down and your fist up by your head. Next, complete the wheelchair move. To achieve this move, with both arms, make forward curves to your sides while crouching lower with each rotation. Then finally, add the signature style of “The Dougie”, bring your hand over the top of the head, and slide it off the back, like you’re slicking your hair down. Do this with the side-to-side move. Shift your shoulders side to side and then do it with the other hand. And, finally, don’t forget to be loose with your knees, otherwise you’re going to look very thick.

Cupid Shuffle

The song was sung by the hip hop artist Cupid. It is pure dance. First step four times to the right, then step four times to the left. Next, put your heel of the right foot to the floor and repeat it with your left leg. Replicate this twice for each leg. Then, walk in the place, but turn to the left while doing so, so that when you get to the next part, you’re facing the next wall. You can also rotate and shake your hips to the beat. Repeat the dance steps for each direction you’re facing. If you do this four times, you’ll make a whole circle.

Chicken Noodle Soup

This dance challenges dancers to make exaggerated shuffling movements, arm swings, and perform a pantomime of the song’s lyrics. It stems from other New York-based street dances like the “Harlem Shake.”

This song was launched back in the dance rage days of 2006. The dance itself can be done in many many ways because each dancer adds their flair. The necessary steps begin with the dancers following the original lyrics from the accompanying song. As the words “Let it rain and clear it out” are said, the dancer then makes raining motions with their hands. This motion is the same as jazz hands coupled with having the dancers’ arms bent in an upright posture while slowly lowering their arms. It is done three times before the central part of the dance begins.

The next step is to move both arms from the front of the dancers’ body to the back while bouncing off of each foot from side to side. These die-to-side movements of the legs, followed by the arms’ failing to match the twin feet movement, can produce absolute ruin!

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